Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Tonight Stephanie. Tanek and I colored Easter Eggs. We used two different kits. One was tye- dyed and the other was one that you glue foil on the eggs. They really turned out pretty and Tanek enjoyed working on them.
The object of the tye -dyed was to use the plastic bags and not get it all over you, but it is much more fun to get your hands all into the color. Fortunately it washed off pretty good.

This is the finished project before we put the sparkle foil on it.

Tanek was quite pleased with his art work.

This is the finished look after all the foil was put on the eggs. They really turned out pretty and were very sparkley

Very pretty indeed.


Alice said...

they turned out really pretty!

Karen said...

Tanek looked like he had alot of fun coloring eggs - such a fun age! We did tye die eggs too but it was a different kit. I really liked them!