Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wild Adventures

Saturday Stephanie and I took Tanek to Wild Adventures in Valdosta.  It was their home school day and we were ready to have a little fun and ride some rides.

At the entrance they had a snake and a baby gator that the kids could hold.  Tanek choose the gator.  Smart boy.

Mommy and Tanek

Getting ready to ride through the jungle

They have a lot of neat animals.

These beautiful blue skies didn't last very long.

This one is my favorite

We went to the petting zoo

We managed to ride several rides, have lunch, pet the animals and then the rains came.  We were on a roller coaster ride when the rain came.  This ride went around twice.  Just as we came in it started to rain and instead of stopping the ride the guy let it go around again.  We were soaked when we came off that ride.  When the rain lightened up a little we made it back to the car to warm up a little.  Then we decided since we were already wet we might as well go ride on the waterfall ride.  We made it on that just in time because when it was over they shut down all the rides.  We were completely soaked now.  We decided to go to the car and we changed clothes in the car, which was quite hilarious.  Parked in the middle of the parking lot changing clothes while Tanek help up a towel to block the view.  After that we went to the outlet mall to kill time to see if it would clear up.  The outlet mall is not really a mall anymore. Only a few stores.  We spent some time in a book store and the rain just kept coming. SO....we started home around 2:30.  The rain was really coming down, but when we got into Florida the bottom fell out.  We could hardly see to drive and it was really storming.   So we took a detour at White Springs and stopped in at Gary & Shirley's (Stephanie's in-laws).  They were surprised.   After a nice visit we started back home.  When we got into Starke we were met with clear skies and sunshine.  It was a fun day anyway.  Anytime we can get away and do something it is usually fun.  Doesn't always go as planned but that is life.  Wild Adventures is no Disney, but it was fun.  Wish we could have had more time there.

Friday, September 7, 2012

School Days!

We have finished our first month of first grade and it is going very well.  Tanek is very interested in what we are studying and learning so much.

 He takes it very seriously
And gets quite excited when he has accomplished
something new.

 He is sitting at the same desk his mommy sat at when she was in first grade.
School can be lots of fun.  Tomorrow we are going to have some
fun at Wild Adventures.  We are looking forward to it.