Friday, April 23, 2010

New Haircut and Tanek's many faces

A few months ago we took Tanek to get his haircut at a children's place and they cut it quite short and his daddy didn't like it at all. So it has been growing out and today I cut it. He wants the top to be long so that when he shakes his head his hair will fly around like Chandler and Garretts hair does. Last summer when they were over swimming they would shake the water out of their hair and it would just fly around. Tanek loved it and is so excited that his hair is starting to do that. He loves those Mann Brothers.

He is getting much better about letting me cut his hair and when he is good and sits still it is a lot easier to cut.
I think he looks much cuter with the length in front instead of so short. It makes his eyes stand out more when it is longer. He is very happy with his new look and says "I look so Cute". Wonder where he hears that from?

He is a sport. He is looking forward to going swimming to see if he will be able to shake the water out of his hair like Chandler and Garrett do.

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