Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Gardening Time Again!

Papa has his garden planted with the help of Tanek. They have planted peas and corn. Papa also planted watermelon (my request) and peanuts. I planted tomato & pepper plants. Tanek loves to help his papa in the garden or doing anything. He loves the peas and calls them "papa's peas".

He couldn't wait to finish dinner last night so he could go out in the garden with his little rake and help his papa.
So far everything is doing very well. Papa has it all weeded and everything is growing well. Hopefully there will be No flooding rains this spring. Some rain would be nice but not 20+ inches in 2 weeks. Or whatever we had last spring.

He really works hard and loves it when papa tells him how much of a helper he is.

Papa is making so many memories with Tanek. One of papa's favorite things is gardening and he loves it that Tanek loves to help him.

We are hoping for a great harvest this year. If the peanuts grow well there will be lots of boiled peanuts. May even have to have a boiled peanut party.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

mmmmmmmm boiled peanuts!!!!!!!!!

睿玄 said...
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Karen said...

Tanek is just too precious out in that garden with Papa!

Karen said...

Tanek is just too precious in the garden with Papa!