Thursday, March 14, 2013

New addition to our family!

Tanek finally got his puppy.  He is in love.

His name is Astro and he is SO cute.

How could you not love this sweet little boy.

They both sleep


We love our new Grand-dog!

He is very content sleeping on his
Papa's lap.

Tanek's 7th Birthday Party!

Tanek had a Lego Birthday party for his 7th birthday.  Stephanie made these Lego heads from marshmallows.  They were a big hit.

Even though I don't like to build with Lego's, they are fun to decorate with and make a very cute party theme.

We had a Hobbit cake and a Lego cake.  

Tanek made these holders.

Papa and Tanek waiting for the party to start.

They built cars
And raced them

Time for cake

And opening gifts

And Building the Lego's
What a fun party!