Friday, November 25, 2011

Maryland Trip....Day 2

I have got behind on my blogging trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas decorations. On Sunday afternoon of our trip we went to this bouncy place for Emily's birthday.
It was so much fun. There were big bouncy slides and bouncers. Everyone had a great time.
Richard is pushing Heather against the bouncy slide and bouncing her back and forth.

It's amazing how fast these slides are.

Tanek had a ball

Emily had a good time too!

And I had a great time. I loved it. It is fun to act like a kid again. Playing with your grand-children is a perfect reason to be a kid again.

Climbing up some of the slides was a little challenging....for me. But the grands had no trouble getting up them.

Bouncing is so much fun

Emily was really getting into it

Hannah is a natural

Wish we had one of these in Keystone

Cousins having a great time together. Tanek loved being with his cousins.

Emily and Heather



Uncle Richard

Sunday evening some friends came over to celebrate Emily's birthday

Can't believe my sweet little Emily is 6 years old already. Time goes by way too fast.

Emily blowing out her candles on her yummy birthday cake.

Emily recited a couple poems for us. On of the poems she even used a Brittish accent which was really cute.

We had such a nice visit and so much fun. I hate that we live so far away and can't see them often enough. I really miss my grand-daughters and would love to see them way more often. Tanek loved being with his Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather and his cousins.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maryland Visit Day 1

Last week Stephanie, Tanek and I went to Maryland to visit Richard, Heather and girls. Since I took SO many pictures I will post them a day at a time. We left early in the morning. We are all packed up and ready to roll. Tanek is not really a morning person, but he was very excited about going to visit his "cousins" and his Uncle Richard and Aunt Heather.

Always on an early morning trip a stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast is a must. It was pretty cold that day too. We stopped in Georgia for a yummy breakfast.

We left early Friday morning and drove to Raleigh and spent the night with our good friend Jean. Once we got into South Carolina the leaves were beautiful. It really made the trip pleasant as the leaves were beautiful all the way up. Tanek loved seeing all the different colors and it helped to pass the time....a little.

We left Jean's early on Saturday morning as we wanted to surprise everyone by getting there early as they didn't expect us until Saturday night. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard "are we there yet?" But that was NOTHING compared to the drive back home and I heard "how much farther"? and I want to see my DADDY and Papa. We got to Richard and Heathers a little before noon and they were surprised. As a matter of fact Richard and Kirsten were not even there. Richard had taken Kirsten to the barn where she teaches riding lessons to little ones.
For lunch on Saturday (since Kirsten wasn't there) we went to Baja Fresh. Kirky does NOT like Baja Fresh so it was the perfect time to go.

Tanek was SO excited to get there and see his cousins and Aunt and Uncle. We had a great visit.

They had gotten him some new Cars 2 Lego's so it wasn't very long after we got there that he and the girls put them together.

Emily's birthday was on Friday so we got to help her celebrate on Saturday and Sunday. Here she is opening her new American Girl doll clothes. She got a new American Girl doll so the new clothes was a hit.

A velvet party coat

A cute little pink robe and the cutest little fuzzy slippers.

Our two youngest and middle grand-daughters. Emily who just turned 6 and Hannah who is 11.

I love these girls.
Emily and Tanek playing on their parents phones. Angry birds I am sure!
Finally asleep after a very busy day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decorating Tanek's Little Christmas Tree!

Today we put up Tanek's little Christmas tree in the den. He was so excited. I think he is the one person in our family that loves Christmas as much as I do. He wanted multi color lights on his tree this year and so we have them. They also play Christmas music and that really made him happy.
I put the lights on for him and then he was able to decorate the tree all by himself.

He still has a lot of ornaments to go on the tree, but so far we haven't found the hooks. They are in one of the boxes somewhere. So....he was only able to put up what didn't need hooks.

He had so much fun decorating it and just thinks the tree is beautiful. Nothing makes Christmas as happy as having children around that are so excited about it. He was singing Christmas songs as he worked. It was just so much fun. He is such a happy little guy anyway and just brings us so much joy.

I will post a picture of the tree when it is finished. This was just the beginning of the decorating of his tree.

We went to Linda's yard arts today to pick up something. That will really put you in the mood seeing all those lighted items. I wish we could have one of everything. We had a good time walking around looking at everything she has in her store. I am very excited about the new piece I got for the yard. Can't wait to get all of that up and turned on. My goal is to have everything up and finished by Thanksgiving. I just love this time of year. And I love that I have someone to share it with that loves it as much as I do.