Monday, January 31, 2011

Karate Kid

Friday Tanek started Karate. I think this is right up his ally. He loves it. Paks Karate has been around forever. I love the program he is in. Not only is he learning Karate and "loves" the perpetual motion they are also teaching him safety, respect and discipline. It is a great program.

He looks so cute in his little white Karate suit. I told him his Uncle Richard used to take Karate too.

He has the look

I think this is going to be a sport that will be very beneficial and enjoyable for him.

Children's Choir 1/30/2011

Last night at church the children's choir sang again. I love watching these kids sing. They sing from their heart and just have a ball. Of course it helps that my sweet grandson is also one of the kids singing. I do love to watch kids though. They are so open and honest and just do whatever they feel like doing. It is just so refreshing to watch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Sunset

The other afternoon when we were coming home I saw this sunset and I love the colors so ran and took a picture of it. It didn't turn out all that good, but you can get an idea of how pretty it is. This time of year when it is mostly cold and everything is brown from all the cold it is hard to find something pretty enough outside to photograph. I personally dislike winter. I don't really like much about it at all. I dislike cold weather for any reason. Since we have already had way more cold weather than normal I am really very sick and tired of the cold. Well I am glad that I live where it isn't as cold as some places, I personally would rather we didn't get cold at all. SO...I am seeing the pretty sunset and they are prettier in the winter when it is cold. So I am trying to concentrate on something that is pretty instead of the bitter cold, and ugly brown everywhere. I am sure one day Spring will come back but at this point it doesn't seem like it. January has just been a loooong cold month. Last year at this very time I was on the Disney cruise and I am thinking that I may need to make that a yearly event. It certainly helps to get through the winter if you can spend at least a few days in a tropical place. So hopefully as we approach the end of January with another freezing night ahead I can look at this picture and remember that this too shall pass. One day we will agian have Spring and even Summer. Yes we will, I just have to keep telling myself that.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun with Papa

Tanek loves his Papa. He wanted to exercise with his Papa and was having a good time sitting on his lap while he did all the work. Yesterday it was so cold and we spent a lot of time in the den with the fire going. We really are very tired of cold weather, but are trying to make the best of it.
Papa had his boots off and Tanek just climbed into them and started walking around in them. They were way bigger than him and they are pretty heavy. He was having a time trying to keep up in them without falling.
Below are a couple video's of him playing in his boots and exercising with his Papa.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project Finished......Check!

The below 2 pictures are a "before" picture. You can see we have a screened in porch and the pool area is opened. Now we have the porch opened to the pool and the whole pool area is screened in. We have had the pool about 30 years and since we are getting "older" and it was more work to keep all the leaves and creepy crawlers out we decided it would be more enjoyable to have the whole area screened in. This has been the largest and longest project we have done. This was started in September and it is just now finished. But it was worth all the time and waiting and work. I am very pleased with it. We had them take down part of the screen porch to open it up and had the pool deck enlarged and refinished. I can't wait to get plants and lights out there and do all the fine touches to make it really pretty. And...of course the yard has to all be redone. The grass we planted last Spring will have to be replanted, but then it will give us something to do. (like we have nothing to do)

All the old cool deck was ground off and what a mess that was. Now we have the new deck that looks like stone.
The porch is opened up from the house you can step right out to the porch and into the pool. It really is a large area and very open. I love it.

Once we get the pool cleaned and all the leaves and junk out of it, it will be SO much easier to keep clean. We also have a lot larger area to entertain and could put quite a few tables around the pool to have guest over. The fence you see in the background will come down.

A close up of the deck finish.
Lots of room out here now. And the best part.....NO snakes, bugs, leaves or that kind of stuff you don't like to swim with. I am very anxious for summertime to hurry up and get here.