Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter. The weather was absolutely perfect. After attending a great Easter service at church we had our "traditional" Mexican feast for lunch. We pretty much have this as our traditional meal except for on Thanksgiving. Everyone likes it best.
After lunch it was time to hunt Easter eggs. Tanek is ready with his bucket.
I had shown him the "magic" egg that had a dollar in it. He started looking in all the eggs to see if it had the dollar in it. Everytime he opened one he would say, "it's not in here".

He pretty much had a whole bucket full of eggs and still had not found the "magic" egg.

He finally thinks he found it. do I reach it???

Oh Yeah, I found it!


After Tanek hunted all the Easter eggs he wanted to run through the sprinkler. It was very warm out, but the water was cold, but he loved it anyway.

I found this doggy sprinkler at Cracker Barrell last year at Christmas time and thought it would be a lot of fun when the weather got warm again.

It was a great Easter. After all the activities of the day we ended the day going to watch our Easter Pageant at church. It was awesome and a great way to conclude the Easter week-end.

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