Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun day at the park

On Sunday and Monday our good friends Jean and Patrick were visiting us from Raleigh, NC. On Monday Jean and I took Tanek to the park. We had a good time. We walked around the football field, let him run all over and play on the slides, merry go round, swing and climb on everything. We were letting him use up some energy, but it didn't seem to make him tired at all, but Jean and I were pretty tired by the time we came home.
Jean pushing him on the merry go round. We both got on it with him and were quite dizzy by the time we got off.
He always loves the slides

And climbing through the tunnels

He climbed to the top of this thing where I think the score keepers sit during the game. Not sure but it was a nice high ladder to climb and he was up for that.

Running all over the field. I told him to run to the goal post for a touch down and he said. "Nana that is too far". Guess he isn't really wanting to be a least not yet.

He finally made it to the goal post.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Children's choir

These pictures are not very good, but tonight the 3 year old choir sang in church and they were so adorable. I tried to take a video with Stephanie's camera but don't know if it turned out or not. Anyway, these kids were so cute. We were very proud grand-parents sitting up close to see our little Tanek sing, and he did well. He wasn't at all shy.
You can see them here as they were singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands:
Hopefully the video will turn out better than these pictures did, but they were so cute I just had to post them anyway. Behind them in the choir loft is the 5 year old choir (I think) They did a great job.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The third and last day at Disney

The favorite part of this trip for Tanek was getting to meet one of his favorite characters. Handy Manny. He watches Handy Manny every day and loves him because he fixes and builds things. In Tanek's imagination he builds lots of things too. He has built all the Disney buses when he was a bus builder, and he has dug all the big holes around Keystone when he was a builder. I love the imagination of a 3 year old. And he is just as serious as he can be. He is a builder and he knows the names of all the large machinery like backhoes, track hoes, bulldozers. He knows the difference in them and what they do. SO, Handy Manny is one of his favorites because he can fix them if they break.

A big hug from Manny
Of course we always visit Radiator Springs because he still loves Lightning and Mator

Tanek and his mommy making a souvenir coin of Lightning and Mator

Riding on the magic carpet is always fun

We watched the electric parade. I couldn't really capture the pictures on my camera, but this one turned out ok. It really is a cool parade.

A few shots from New Orleans...Riverside. We stayed here a few times back and they have such good food we came here for lunch and then took the boat to Downtown Disney. We always get the dinning plan and you get so much food we have trouble eating it all. We ususally have to get our snacks to take home because we can't eat all the food they give you and it is very reasonable. We love the big water wheel.

Anita is "chillin"

Tanek eating his cookie in the restaurant

These shots below are from Pop Century where we stayed this time. We love it here because all the decor is from past decades. This time we got to stay in the "50"s" which was right down mine and Anita's ally. It brought back so many fun memories. Below is the beautiful Lady. She still lives on in the lives of our grand-children after all these years. She hasn't aged at all.

And her man "Tramp"

How long has it been since you even thought about a Transister Radio? That is what that square thing is on the side of the buidling that they are dancing too. And the 45 rpm records. Tanek thought they were tires.

Goofy with his surf board

How many of us had one of these to play with?

Then we go to the 70's. And the big wheel lives on today. I have one on my back porch that Tanek rides on.

And the mood ring? We used to wear them to see if we were happy or sad?

As always our traditional picture is to take a picture of Tanek on the way home. He rarly falls asleep in the daytime, but after 3 days at Disney he always falls asleep on the way home. This time since he wasn't back to himself from being sick he actually fell asleep every day.

He gets a good nap on the 2 hour drive back home. And as always a good time was had by all. Usually everyone but the driver (hopefully) gets a short nap on the way home. Another 3 days of "Magic" are over least for another couple months.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another day at Disney

This is one of the days we were at Disney. This is Mickey's house and his little bed. It is such a cute house. He wasn't there but we went through and looked at all of it. It is so cute.
Tanek sitting in Mickey's chair
Stephanie and Tanek on the front porch of Mickey's house

One of Tanek's favorite things to do is drive the race cars. I was in the car ahead of him and was able to capture this picture of him driving.

Tanek and his mommy on the tea cups. He loves to spin us around so fast that we get dizzy.

The faster he can go the more he likes it.

Always a ride on the carousel

Stephanie reading to Tanek and trying to get him to rest a while

As you can see he wasn't into resting much

Me and Stephanie is our matching Mickey fuzzy jammy bottoms. They are so warm and felt so good.

Tanek loves to make his mommy beautiful by fixing her hair

He has so much fun no matter what he is doing.

He thinks he made mommy look beautiful

We had the most beautiful rainbow and sunset after a quick rain.

As you can see we have a good time at Disney no matter what we are doing or what the weather is doing. It is just a magical place and when Tanek is so happy and having so much fun, we just naturally enjoy it too. Disney just has so much to offer as far as things to do. You never get bored because you never see it all. There are always changes and each season has new things to see and do. We look forward to every trip we make. We feel very blessed to live close enough to spend a couple days there every few months.