Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Fun

Friday was a fun time at the park. The afternoon turned out beautiful (weather I ordered for my sister) We took Tanek to the park, spent some time playing phase 10 and had another great meal. Ricky grilled steaks and we had another feast. Mostly we just enjoyed our time together and just chilling out.
Tanek and his mommy
Swinging high is just the most fun

Tanek with his aunt-grandma Rena on the "big" truck

This is a Big tire swing, big enough for these 3

Aunt grandma Rena enjoying the beautiful fall Florida weather. (not usually like this in Washington state this time of year.)

Today we went to Alachua to the Ivy House for another great meal. We have done some good eating these past few days. It will be time next week to lighten up a little. As always the Ivy House is a very nice way to spend an afternoon and the food as always was great. We took a few shots in the garden.
They really do have a beautiful garden and the Ivy House was all decorated beautifully for Christmas. We certainly enjoyed our day.
Tomorrow Rena and I leave for Atlanta where she will spend the next week with her daughter Lori and her husband Kurt. I will be spending the night there and so will get some pictures up there and post them next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a nice Thanksgiving we had this year. Having my sister and neice Lori and nephew Kurt here was a special treat. Tanek had a great time getting to know his Aunt and Uncle and "Aunt-Grandma Rena" again. The day was beautiful and we had just a nice relaxing time and lots and lots of good food. Ricky smoked a turkey and we had all the trimmings to go with it. We wish we could have had our Maryland family here too, but at least we got to talk to everyone a couple times during the day.

Below are sisters, cousins, aunts and neice and nephew, grandson. etc. Looks like Christmas, but it is Thanksgiving.
Rena, and her daughter Lori, Me and my daughter Stephanie. (2 blonds and 2 silvers)

Here is the feast we had on Thanksgiving. Such good food, good company and SO SO many blessings to be thankful for.
I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as we did and that you all took the time to thank God for all the Blessings He gives us Everyday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More family fun

After a big Mexican Feast Kurt and Lori did the dishes. We had a great dinner with no left overs.
Charles & Charlene came over for dessert and a visit
Tanek spent a long time entertaining us with Charles walking stick. For some reason this stick was very funny to Tanek and he had us all laughing hard.

Rena, Kurt and Lori chilling out

Great Day

Today was a great day. We spent time playing, taking a walk and just enjoying the nice day and the company of family. Tanek was enjoying getting to know his Uncle Kurt and Aunt Lori and getting reaquainted with his "aunt grandma Rena".
This picture was actually at the end of the walk. Papa decided to catch up with us and since we were so far ahead he came by way of tractor. Tanek enjoyed driving it back home.

Riding on Uncle Kurts shoulders was more fun than walking

Uncle Kurt and Aunt Lori walking and playing with Tanek

The day was beautiful and this "Atlanta girl" thought it to be warm.

Sitting with Aunt Lori and Uncle Kurt

Tanek and his "aunt grandma Rena:". Last year when we visited her in Washington State she decided she was past the age to be just an aunt and since he had grandparents she would be "aunt grandma Rena" and that has worked out real wellTanek and aunt grandma walking together

The whole gang..."almost

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Made It!

For the past 2 months I have been working trying to get everything ready for this time. I painted the house, and put up all these decorations. My sister, neice and her husband were coming for Thanksgiving. I wanted to have everything done before they came so we could just relax and have a fun time. After all the outside work was done there was still the decorating of the inside and then the CLEAN UP. Because they got stuck in construction traffic coming down from Atlanta I was able to finish in time. I even had time to make some goodies to have on hand. My sister flew down from Vancouver Washington to Atlanta and Lori and Kurt picked her up from the airport and they drove down here. Needless to say she had a long day. They got here about 9:30 last night and got to see all the lights lit up. It was well worth all the work to have it all done before they got here. Now....We will have FUN!
Tanek was the first to get to see the lights (even before Pam and Whitney's surprise visit) (see Pams blog). Tanek had a great time running from display to display.

Sitting in front of the little snowmen

Checking out the Manger scene
Standing in a choir of angels

I've been a very good boy, Santa
Pam took the really good pictures, but I had the fun of taking pictures of Tanek seeing it all for the first time. Christmas through the eyes of a child is just the best way to see it. I will be posting pictures of our family times later.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's that time of year again!

It is time to put up all the Christmas lights again. Monday was a nice day and Tanek and Papa are putting the lights up around the driveway. Today wasn't a good day, so no lights got up today.
Tanek is handing Papa the tie wraps to tie up the lights.

Here are just a few of the lights. There were 18 of these storage boxes of just outside lights and stuff. Not counting all the yard art that will go up and all the indoor decorations. Lots of work ahead. It is so much fun sorting it all out and making sure they all work. Even if they work now there is no guarantee they will work after they get up. That gets VERY frustrating.

Tanek helping Nana sort out the lights. Lights, lights everywhere.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween at Silver Springs

We spent the day at Silver Srings on Halloween. The weather was just beautiful. They had it all set up for children with games and events. We had a good time watching Tanek have a good time.

Is this not the sweetest little face on this monster?

Papa, Stephanie and Tanek
Tanek sitting on the hay bales at the hay maze

I think the boat ride was one of his favorite things

Tanek climbed way up top on this climbing thing
He also loved riding on this rideSilver Springs is such a beautiful place and has such a "Florida" atmosphere that I just had to post some pictures of the real Silver Springs. Here is a big brown bear sunning himself. He looks so relaxed.I just think this picture is so beautiful and it just reflects the real Silver Springs. The water is so crystal clear.
A little kitty cat strolling along in his cage.And what really says Florida are these big Gators. And as a matter of fact the "Gators" were quite big this week-end. One of the things Gators like to eat best are bulldogs.