Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Best Birthday Party Ever!

Today Tanek had his 6th year Birthday party.  It was a nerf gun party.  The kids had a great time shooting the nerf guns.  I think the parents had some fun too.
 It didn't take Brock long to get in the action.

 Walker is helping his mom get dressed for war.
 In the battle
 Time for out for pizza
 The Pinata was a lot of fun and Seth had the final blow that knocked all the candy out.

 And there is birthday cake too!
 Brandon is sporting a new hair do.  Looks really good on him.
 And opening presents is fun.
 Tanek says thank you everyone for coming and for the gifts.  It was my best birthday party ever.

New Karate Belt

Tanek got his new belt in Karate last night.  He loves Karate and is doing very well at it.  Here is a short video of him breaking his board and a few pictures of some of the things he does in Karate.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday's Birthday's ....6 years of Birthday's!!!

I am not sure why these pictures don't load in the order I put them, but they didn't.  I started out with his one year birthday and it ended up at the end.  Today is Tanek's 6th birthday.  I was looking back over all his birthday's and how much he has grown.  What fun it has been for the past 6 years.  This picture below was his 2nd year birthday.
 This was his 3rd birthday.  He got his cars table.
 Morgan and Meme Anita were at his party.  He sure does love them.
 His 3rd birthday party was a Mickey party.  It was a good beginning for his birthday week.  We went to Disney the day after his party and celebrated his birthday some more.
 I love all the ages, but I have to admit that 3 years old is one of my favorite years.  He was just so sweet and fun at this age.  I just loved it.  It went by so fast though.
 This is a picture of Tanek with his cousin Kevin, Aunt Kelly and Mimi.  This is Ricky's side of the family.  He was happy to have them all at his party.
 Here we are celebrating at Disney.  We had a great time and he certainly loves going to Disney.
 Tanek with Meme Anita
 This was his actual birthday, and I think this was his 4 year old birthday.
 He was big into cars and construction.  His party was a construction party.
 He loved all the big construction machinery and every time we went to Disney he got to see a lot of it as there was so much road construction going on.
 This party was at Keystone Beach.  The weather was perfect and warm in February.  Great party.  This is his friend Julieanna.

 A pinata was a fave of the kids.
 On Sunday he took cupcakes to Sunday School and celebrated his 5th Birthday.
 His 5 year party was done in the theme of Lego Star Wars.  It was held at the local gymnastic club and it was a lot of fun.
 Sitting with his daddy while waiting for the party to start.

 Everyone loves the trampoline.
 The pit was a big hit.
 A time for refreshments.
 Another good birthday was enjoyed.
 This was tonight at our house.  We had dinner and he got to open his present and we sang Happy Birthday to him.  His party will be on Saturday.

This was his one year birthday.  I just can't believe how little he was.  Such a little cutie.
 He is having his first chocolate cake.  The balloons came from his Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather and cousins, Kirsten, Hannah, and Emily all the way from Maryland.

 I love this picture.  He did NOT like the chocolate all over his face.
 Now we are back to his 2nd birthday.  Sure wish I knew why blogger mixes up my pictures so much.  You can tell the theme was "Cars" for this party.
 Opening up his gifts.
Mommy needed to help.
 This was tonight.  He wanted the Mario Kart wii game.  He is very good at playing wii games and loves them.  
 He is quite into Star Wars.....BIG time.  Especially if it is in the form of Lego's.  He got this book for his Maryland family.
 We had a cookie with a candle on it for him tonight. 
And he blew it out.  Happy  6th Birthday Tanek.  Glad we got to celebrate it with you.