Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidbits of information.

I am posting pictures of some of the flowers I have growing around the pool. Yesterday was going to be a day spent playing with Tanek. However, he was not feeling good and so he didn't do much all day. He was very mopey and we ended up having to at take him to the ER. They diagnosed him with asthma. He has had several times trouble breathing and they had to give him breathing treatments but this time they said it is asthma. He is doing much better today but he certainly isn't wanting to take his medicine. He can be very strong willed when he needs to be. (or he thinks he needs to be). He won the hearts of all the Doctors and nurses at the ER. He (once he had a treatment and could breathe again) was so sweet they fell in love with him. I wonder what they would think if they saw this sweet little guy tonight fighting like mad to not take his meds. Not that I blame him. They tasted terrible and I personally can't take a liquid medicine that is nasty and yet they expect a 4 year old too. Not going to happen.

Tanek loves to help in the yard or in his papa's garden. He loves to pick the flowers to bring in the house. Not that these flowers have anything to do with him and the ER but I didn't have any pictures of him in the ER and so I am just posting these. I think the flowers are pretty anyway.
The ER. is not fun. We didn't have to wait as long as normal in the ER, but it was pretty busy. Several children and a small baby were in there with problems. So sad to see children sick and hurting. Tanek was crying so hard in pain that he had his mommy in tears and I was about to have to go get the Doctor to help and they finally came. I learned a lot about asthma last night.
It isn't fun for the person to have that is for sure. Breathing or not being able to breath is a scary thing. His tummy was hurting because he was using those muscles to breathe. The doctor said it was like he had done a thousand sit ups yesterday. Since I can't even do one sit up, I can only imagine how much pain that would be.

Anyway they gave him several treatments and after a few hours of watching him we were able to go home about 3 am. The treatments make him very hyper and at 3 am he was going strong.
Stephanie had been up for almost 24 hours and she was really worn out. Today he was doing better although he is still wheezing and of course not taking his medicine like he needs too. His daddy had come to the ER when he found out we were going to be there for a few hours. Tanek was quite happy to have so much attention surrounding him. About 2:30 a.m he starting saying he wanted to go home. He left there with a stuffed dog, stickers and magnets.
Hopefully he will get better every day and they will be able to control the asthma so there won't be so many attacks. It amazes me how one minute he can be suffering so much and in so much pain and after the treatment he is like a different person. I am so thankful that this can be done to help him breathe better. That is the story of our ER experience. There is a lot more to it but you can read about it on Tanek's blog @

And I will go back to working in my yard and enjoying the flowers.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I'm so sorry about Tanek - I read it last night on Stephanie's blog, I'm glad he is feeling better now. Give him a big kiss from all of us. Your flowers are very pretty.

Karen said...

Hope that Tanek is doing much better. Nicole had asthma when she was little and even now has to use an inhaler during seasonal allergies. I remember that the breathing treatments would make her jittery and hyper.

On a side note, this statement made me giggle :

Not that these flowers have anything to do with him and the ER but I didn't have any pictures of him in the ER and so I am just posting these.

Leave it to a Nana to post beautiful flowers in lieu of a beautiful grandson! Love your roses! I've been planting alot in the last week and am ready for things to be in full bloom - I'll have to wait awhile...

Happy gardening!