Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tina's Birthday!

Last night we celebrated Tina's birthday. It was late because she was so busy with other parties on her birthday. We always get together on birthdays and sometimes that is the only time we have a chance to get together. Fortunately with 6 of us there are a lot of birthdays. We first had dinner and then of course the "phase 10" marathon. Tanek was still here waiting for his mom to come pick him up after work and he decided he would like to play cards too. He spent the earlier part of the evening on the back porch entertaining the men while we cleaned up the kitchen.
Our goal is to ALWAYS beat the men. Most of the time we do. Sometimes we slip up and let one of them win. This time it was mine turn to win, but each wife came in ahead of their hubs and that made for a good game.
This is serious stuff but lots of laughter too.

Tina opens her gifts.

She got a butterfly house (not shown) from the Osteens and a bird feeder from the other O'Steens. One of the things we like to do best is watch birds and butterfly's and work in our yards, so it only made sense that she would get things for the yard.

We had a great time. Doris made a delicious cake and of course we had Mexican dinner. It isn't that I don't know how to cook anything else, maybe it is that no one likes anything else I cook or I prefer to think they just like my Mexican food. Happy Birthday month Tina. I guess the next birthdays aren't until August. Hopefully we will get together before then.

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