Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disney cont. Day 3

On Monday we went over to the Animal Kingdom and went on the Safari. It was really cool and we saw so many wild animals and it really felt like a real safari. Of course I have never been on a real safari, so it is what I imagine one would be. This is as we are walking towards the place to go on the safari and they are just looking into the water.
I personally just love all the landscaping at all the parks. I like it when it looks tropical, or like a jungle or however it looks. It is all beautiful to me. I could just walk around the parks and look at all the plants, and flowers etc.

The hippos
The crocs

Love this tree
Giraffs are so pretty

Doesn't this just look so peaceful and pretty?

Of course I love the elephants. I have taught Tanek whenever you ask him what the elephants say he will always answer "Roll Tide". That is one smart little boy.

A few flamingo's
A geiser
Waterfall. Animal Kingdom is so different from the other parks and it really needs to be seen in good weather. There isn't much of anything in doors. It really is pretty and just looks so lush and tropical. Kinda like my yard. Ha ha. I wish.

We had a wonderful time and all good times come to an end. It was time to start heading back home. Or at least thinking about going home. We are never quite ready to leave the fun we have had.

As always the trip back home is very relaxing. We have spent 3 days of doing so many fun things and alas, we are tired. Must have a short nap on the way home. Some of the things that came home needed to take a nap too. So until the next trip......

Stephanie's Birthday at Disney...continued

When we came back to our room on Saturday night we found that Mickey had been to our room and left a little birthday party with a cake replica of himself. Can't imagine how Mickey found out it was Stephanie's birthday, can you Anita?

In the afternoon when it was too hot to be at the parks we enjoyed the pool and water slides at the hotel. Tanek would be happy staying there all day. The slides were a lot of fun and I enjoyed them as much as Tanek did.
What a great pool this was. Water falls, and slides and just huge.

Oh it was so nice to have our room to come back to in the afternoon to just chill out before we began the evening.

As you can see, some like to read, someone else would rather be taking pictures instead of reading. Can you guess who?

This was at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at Hollywood Studio's. We always go there and it is one of Tanek's favorite places to go.

I am not sure how I caught this face, because he certainly wasn't sad while he was here. He doesn't look very happy here, and I have no idea what was going on because he was very excited to be here.

Waiting for Mickey and his friends to come out in the clubhouse.

Sunday night we went to the Crystal Palace for dinner with Winnie the Pooh and his gang. This was a very nice place to have dinner. We were very lucky to get a reservation on the day of, and when we got there they did not have us down for a reservation. However, Anita worked her magic and we not only got in we got in ahead of everyone else that was waiting. We really did have a reservation, they just didn't know it. God really blessed us this whole day. Besides getting in this very busy place that was booked solid for 3 weeks we got this wonderful pass thanks again to Anita that got us in the front of the lines for all the rides. I kept telling them people were wondering who we were and that we must be very special because they kept taking us up to the front of the line. I guess they knew we were special and it was Stephanie's birthday:) Tanek was thrilled to have dinner with all the Winnie the Pooh friends. He has a big smile for Piglet.
He has ice cream with sprinkles on it for dessert.

A visit from Tigger

And of course Pooh. What a great time we had. And when the fireworks started we were right there to get a front row view. We just walked out on the porch and watched the fireworks. Then came back in for dessert. Such a great time. And something we had never done before. I highly recommend the Crystal Palace. It is beautiful. But....very cold inside. Tanek got to have lunch and then dinner with all his favorite characters.

And it wouldn't be complete without Eyore. Eyore was his usual happy self. After diner we enjoyed the after hours at the Kingdom. Great place to celebrate a birthday and we do have a couple more birthdays coming up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stephanie's Birthday at Disney!

Saturday Stephanie, Tanek, Meme Anita, and myself (Nana) went to Disney for the week-end for Stephanie's birthday. We stayed at the Caribbean resort and had lunch at chef Mickey's at the Contemporary hotel. These are some pictures of the outside of that resort. The lunch with the characters was so much fun. Tanek was so excited to see some of his favorite characters. He especially loves Mickey and Pluto.

Mickey, Meme Anita & Tanek
Mickey, Tanek & his mommy (Stephanie)

Minnie with Tanek and Stephanie

Tanek blowing out candles on his cupcake. He was celebrating his mommy's birthday

Goofy & Tanek

Tanek with his fave Pluto

Here we all are with Donald. He is my favorite.

And a great big hug from Mickey.

We had a great day. This was on Saturday afternoon. We still had two more days and nights of fun. More pictures coming.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Haircut saga continues

Most of you know this sweet little guy does not like haircuts. I have been working on cutting his hair for about a year now. He will NOT let it be cut professionally and since he won't be still they won't cut it. So it was decided by him that Nana could cut it. Usually he isn't very happy to let me cut it either, but I seem to be the lesser of the two evils to getting it cut. Since we are getting ready for a week-end of Disney he was told he would have his hair cut before we went. That was
the deciding factor for him that he did need a haircut. Today it occured to me (duh, a little slow thinking) that I would put him in front of the TV and let him watch Handy Manny who he loves to watch. Success! He sat there so good and let it be cut. Maybe....we could take Handy Manny to the barber shop??? Actually, today it turned out pretty good I think. He has such pretty thick shinny hair and it kind of hides some of the flaws. But we were both happy with it today.

Trying to get a side view.
So, Yea we are ready for Disney....again! This time to make mommy's birthday happy. He liked it that Nana had a Happy Birthday on Monday, and now he is ready to make mommy's birthday Happy on Saturday. I don't think that will be a problem for him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Birthday at Disney!

Today Stephanie, Tanek and I went to Disney for my birthday. Because we have season passes and they are giving free admission on your birthday you get a gift card for the amount of admission which is $79.00. Soooo, we went to pick it up and spend the day. We had a great day and I was happy to be able to spend it with Stephanie and Tanek.

We rode Dumbo, the Tea cups, the carousel and then it was going to rain, so we decided to go have lunch. We just got to the covered walkway to the monorail and it started pouring. So, we went and had lunch at the Polynesian Hotel. After the rain the tempature dropped and there was nice breeze. Made the rest of the day very pleasant. After lunch Tanek wanted to go to Epcot so we went there and did a few things.

Here we are at the Polynesian Hotel. It is so neat and so tropical. I love going there if only for lunch.

Then on to Epcot. I love their landscaping. I could go there just to see that.

After Epcot we went to Downtown Disney. This is one of Tanek's favorite places. He LOVES the lego store. He is happy to just go there. His goal today was to get a lego dump truck. He played with the lego's while Stephanie and I had a frozen lemonade. I had to catch pictures of him climbing up on the table to reach the lego's. This first one looks like he was going to take a nose dive into the lego bin, but he didn't.

He was so cute to watch. He just kept climbing up on the lego table to reach the lego's. He was having a great time.

I don't like lego' all! I don't like puzzels, I don't like to quilt. I don't like putting pieces of anything together. He always ask me if I like lego's and I always tell him no. He loves them and wants me to like them and I just don't. I don't mind the big pieces too much, but I really hate the little tiny pieces. I always tell him to not bring them to my house. When he does I try to work with him on them, but I just don't have the love for them he does.

He was totally engrossed in putting these little pieces together.

Tanek did get his dump truck set of Lego's. After he got them he was ready to go home. We got in the car and after a long and tiring day he held his box of lego's as was out. The only time he takes a nap is when we come home from Disney or from the beach. He was completely content with his new box of legos. Another good day at Disney.