Sunday, March 28, 2010

Childrens Choir!

I can NOT believe I don't have any pictures to post of this. I did NOT know ahead of time that the children were singing tonight or there would have been pictures. My daughter got a video and hopefully she will post that. They were SO cute. Of course there was one little guy that was my favorite. He is just too cute. They sang on the bleachers that are set up for the Easter Program for the choir. While they were singing Tanek was going up and down the steps. He is always in motion. A real verb. Or as someone said this morning, a Sparkplug. Betty Kay has done a great job organizing all the children's choirs and all of the ages have great workers and teachers. He is still in the 3 year old choir but will move up when they move up. Right now the 3 year olds are my favorite because they are all so little and so cute. But they love to sing. They don't always get the words right or the motions in the right direction but they sing with their heart and they do a great job. Tanek loves the choir and he loves to sing. It really brings out the parents and grand-parents to watch their little darlings sing. I am thankful that we have this in our church for the children all the way from 3 year olds up. It is amazing how well these children can sing and learn the words by heart. This is something they will always have in their hearts and it is so great that they are learning at such a young age.
This weekend our adult choir will be putting on their annual Easter program. It is an awesome program and if you are in the area it would be a great thing to come watch and set the mood for Easter and the true meaning. It is April 2nd, 3rd and 4th every night at 7PM Trinity Baptist in Keystone Heights. You will not forget this program if you see it. It will really touch your heart and get you thinking about what Easter is really all about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My cute little bunny

My little "baby bunny" is starting to adjust to being at our house. I thought I was going to have to let him go because he wouldn't eat, but today he started eating. I asked the vet and he said to give him some rabbit food. I bought a 10lb bag which was the smallest I could find. It should last him a very long time. He also is eating some lettuce. He is so cute and I really didn't want to let him loose with all the dogs and cats around here. I couldn't get this picture to post it the right direction so you will just have to turn your head to see him.
He is so cute and when I hold him he will just snuggle on my lap.

He is so cute

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our newest addition

This afternoon when I was working in the yard, I pulled up some grassy weeds and disturbed this little guys home. There were two of them and they took off running. Certainly scared me until I saw what it was. I caught this one and he squeeled so much that the other one took off and I couldn't find him. I am hoping he will come back to his place where he was. I didn't want him to get caught by the dogs and cats that run loose around here so I am keeping this one on our back porch.
Several years ago I kept a rabbit on our back porch for 4 years. He was trained to go in a litter box and we fed him rabbit food and carrots and lettuce. I may keep this little guy for awhile if he stays pretty tame. Tanek had fun petting him today. He will just snuggle in your hands when you hold him.
We haven't come up with a name for him or her yet. But isn't it sweet?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Planting TIme.....

Today papa and Tanek planted the corn. Hopefully it isn't too early. Last week they planted peas. If we have another freeze it may all have to be done over, but hopefully the cold is over.
Tanek loves helping his papa work in the garden and papa loves having him help.
I just love taking pictures of the two of them together making special memories that will last a lifetime.

He had to hold his construction hat on because the wind kept blowing it off.

Papa got a cap for him to wear instead. After planting the corn it was time to pick up branches and take to the burn pile.

Tanek loves to drive the tractor

And it is even fun to ride in the trailor.

Papa and his special helper. Having a great time together

Hopefully in just a couple weeks we will see lots of small plants coming up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gotta love T-ball!

Today was Tanek's first T-ball game. He is on the Cardinal's and we love this team and his coach. Out of 12 players only 4 have ever played before, so they are all learning and they are learning pretty quick. Today they played a good game. They got runs, stopped the ball, made outs and got to the right bases. It is so much fun to watch and their coach is all about the kids and teaching them the game. They are all having a lot of fun out there. Here is a picture of Tanek before the game when he was getting ready. His pants had to be altered quite a bit for him.

He is on 2nd base and having fun just playing with the base. They get sidetracked so easily and there is no telling what they might be doing out there.
Up to bat. They get two tries to hit it with a pitched ball and then 2 tries to hit it from the t.

He is so little and cute out there trying to hit the ball. The other team was also cheering for him.

He is running from 2nd base to 3rd. So much fun to watch him run. His little legs go as fast as they can, but it isn't too fast.

He is out in the outfield and not really doing a whole lot of watching for the ball. So many other things to see and do out there.

Some tips from his coach on how to bat.

And he swings

Oops, not supposed to hit the T. He actually got a very good hit.

Running to the dug out after the game to get their snacks.

A picture of the whole team! GO Cardinals!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Today is my sweet Hannah's birthday. She is 10 years old. Here are some pictures that we took last summer when she was here with us. We were taking her to meet some friends in Orlando to fly home. We stopped at Downtown Disney for lunch.

Here she is with her Aunt Stephanie & cousin Tanek.
Me & my sweet Hannah

I always loved Cinderella and I finally had a girl to take a picture with me and Cinderella.

I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful grand-dauhters and one handsome grand-son. Happy Birthday to my 2nd grand-daughter I sure do love you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking for signs of Spring.....any signs!

After living through the longest and coldest winter I can ever remember to say I am ready for Spring would be an understatement. I have been ready for Spring since December 26. I have to admit that winter is my least favorite time of the year. I only like it to be winter (if we have to absolutely have it) in December around Christmas time. Otherwise I am much happier with fall or Spring weather. Summer is ok in the summer, but during the winter in Florida it should still be in the 70's in my opinion. So today was a Spring day and I went around the yard looking for signs. There are not too many yet. A few things are starting to bud, but I pretty much think for the most part the majority of the yard is dead and will have to be replanted. SO many days this winter of hard and long freezes pretty much did everything in. So, I guess this will be the year I redo the yard.....again. Last year I redid the front and planted mostly tropical plants that I knew would have to be covered in the winter but I didn't realize that there was no way to protect them from what came our way. I did find a few thing though. Today Papa planted several rows of peas. He probably is a little to anxious too and may even have to replant them if we get the usual frost right before Easter like we normally do. But he couldn't wait either. He and Tanek planted a bunch of rolls of peas and got them all watered. They were having a good time and if they have to be replanted it won't matter to them.

My one California poppy plant is just starting to bloom and has several buds on it. Last year I had one and it bloomed a lot of flowers and was very pretty. The cold doesn't hurt these for some reason. It takes me back to growing up in Califorina when the mountainsides would be full of orange poppies in the Spring.

Of course ball season is always a sign of Spring coming. Tanek is geared up for t-ball. He had his first practice game on Saturday. He has practice today and is all set with his new helmet, glove, bat and cletes. He is actually learning to hit and catch the ball. This will be a fun time to watch.

So whether or not Spring has really sprung or we are just a little over anxious, today is a beautiful Spring day and we have actually had 3 in a row. That may mean it is really here. I love this time of the year. Once it comes it is like new life everywhere. I love when everything starts blooming and growing and even though I will have to probably replant most of the plants, I like that part too. SO Happy Spring everyone. I am claiming it is HERE!