Sunday, May 30, 2010

This & That!

This afternoon Gary went out and tried to tie up our tomato plants. They have got so big they are laying on the ground. We have lots of tomatoes on them, but most are still green. The plants are very big and full of tomatoes.
Tanek is helping his papa
In the background you can see the peas. Yesterday Gary picked a 5 gallon bucket of them and we ate some today. They are very good. The peas are doing well. We really could use some rain to help everything grow better. Last year at this time, the garden was flooded out by so much rain and this year we can't seem to get any.

This is our Mr. Bun Bun. He is just relaxing in his pot. You can walk right up to him and he just looks at you. If you try to catch him he will run. He will sit in this pot all day long. He certainly has got used to his living quarters and is taking life very easy. At night he runs all over and would come in the house if we would let him. But during the day he usually just lays around.
I really would like to hold him, but so far he isn't for that at all. He is getting tamer though and maybe one day will let us hold him.

Friday, May 28, 2010

More Pool Fun!

Tanek loves the pool. One of his favorite things to do is to have his daddy throw him way up and catch him. He has a ball. Ricky has been taking him swimming quite often and Tanek is really loving it. I love to watch him playing in the pool. (especially when I don't have to be in it, as the water is still not as warm as I like it)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Swimming lessons

They are teaching floating on your back. First they have you swim and then turn over to your back. Now they are adding kicking your feet and moving your arms. This has all been taught and learned in just 6 one half hour lessons. I think he has done very well and I like how they are teaching it.

Rabbits like peanuts too!

This is a peanut plant "before" the little bunny rabbits found it. They were doing very well.
This is the peanut plant after the little bunny or bunnies had their dinner. Not much left of it.

The answer to this was put up a 3 foot fence around it. So far the little critters haven't been able to get to them anymore. There is plenty for them to eat out there without it being peanuts. If these peanuts survive they will be rather pricey peanuts. Hope they are good.
At least the fence is up so we can plant peanuts there next spring too. I guess Mr. McGregor didn't have peanuts in his garden so Peter had to settle for carrots. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tanek's end of season- Getting his trophy

Today was the closing ceremonies for t-ball. Each player got a trophy for playing. I think Tanek could have got a trophy for being the cutest, but I am sure every parent and grand-parent thinks that. And there were a lot of cute kids out there. I love watching those littlest ones. They are likely to do just about anything out there. But, by the end of the season they knew how to hit the ball, which base to run to at the right time and how to catch and throw the ball.
It was a lot of fun watching them and I think they all had a lot of fun. It takes a lot of patience on the coaches part. Our coaches were very good and their big concern was that the kids had fun.
Here is Tanek and his Cardinal team with their trophies.

Mom, Dad and Tanek

Tanek was quite pleased with his trophy and he enjoyed playing t-ball

Here is a video of him getting his trophy

Papa's Garden

I took some pictures of Gary's garden today. It is doing very well. The pea's are really loaded. He should be picking them in a couple weeks. Thankfully he picks, shells and puts them up. I cook and help eat them. I think that is fair. They really are good. Last year we didn't get too many as we had so much rain that it drown them. Hopefully this year we will get the full crop.

The corn is coming along, maybe a little slow, but it is coming.

This is his peanut crop. If these do well there will be lots of boiled peanuts. Yummy

Here is the first little watermelon. This is what I wait for every year. I love watermelons. These are the little sugar babies. The kind you can sit down and eat the whole thing. They are so good and so sweet. Gary works hard in the garden and keeps it growing good. It takes a lot of work and I don't really think it is worth it, but he loves it. I do enjoy the results, but to me it is way to much hard work. Glad he likes to do it though. We have lots of tomato plants too and they are doing good.

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Washer & Dryer

For the past several months my 20 year old washer and dryer has been getting ready to bite the dust. I knew it was just a matter of time. The dryer sounded like a rocket ship taking off. The washer was working (sorta) but about 2 weeks ago it flooded the laundry room. Not fun. So, we decided it was time to get new ones. I mean I do have better things to do than stand and watch the washer wash to be sure it isn't going to flood the house again. SO.... yesterday Lowe's delivered these. They were supposed to get here at 4:00 PM but didn't make it until 8:00 PM.
Tanek was here when they came and he was pretty excited about it. He liked watching the delivery man get our old ones on the big truck and the new ones off and in the house. He got out his little cell phone (his mom's old one) and called Sears. He said "Hi Sears, you can't come over here Lowe's is here right now". I am not sure why he felt the need to call Sears, but he did. He was also interested in knowing If...the new dryer would be quiet and he could hear the TV now.
Funny what little kids observe.

The washer has lots of buttons and it plays music when it goes on and off. Pretty cool. Everything is computerized and pretty much thinks for you. You just push the button you want.
It is a water saver and it is amazing how little water it does use.
The dryer is pretty much the same. Lots of buttons.

And the tub is BIG. I was able to do a bunch of clothes, towels, overalls in just 3 loads. Really made laundry a lot easier. I painted the laundry room and am still working on it as far as getting it all organized and will put some curtains up etc and make it a nice little room. Before it was used to store so much stuff I could hardly get in and out of it. But now it will function like a real
laundry room. Trying to make the job pleasant one.

Mr. Bun Bun

Look what Mr. Bun Bun is up to now. This morning I found him just sitting in an empty pot. There is no telling where he ends up. He gets in the back of one of Tanek's toys, he lounges on the step all sprawled out. He has just pretty much made the back porch his home and he seems quite happy there.

Especially at night you can see him running all over. He isn't afraid of the dogs and sometimes even chases Stanley.

He is getting pretty big and is so cute. He comes up to the sliding door as if to say "let me in". I hope THAT doesn't ever happen.

These are the shoes I wear when I work in the yard. For some reason they are very tasty to him and he is pretty much eating them up. I have had to put them up where he can't reach them. He is still using the litter box which I am thankful for. He loves carrots best and he also eats rabbit food. We are enjoying having him around.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun with Play-Doh!

Today Tanek and I played with play-doh. We had lots of different cutters and things to make different designs, and push the play-doh through to make curly worms. It was lots of fun.
There were scissors to cut it into many pieces, roll it out flat and cut all sorts of things.

Lots of worms

Lots of fun. We spent about an hour making all sorts of things. .

Sometimes it takes a lot of concentration

A perfect shape cut out. It was easy to make this into a learning time. Tanek cut the play-doh in many pieces of all sizes and shapes and then he lined them up and counted them. He had many different shapes to work with too.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Swim!

Sunday afternoon Ricky and Stephanie brought Tanek over to swim. They are working with him to learn how to float on his back. He really doesn't like doing that much, but he is getting better at it. The object is for him to turn over on his back from swimming. This is what they are teaching him in his swimming lessons. As you can see he "can" do it, he just doesn't think he can.

Getting out of the pool.....

to jump in.

What he really likes is to be thrown in the air and let go to come down into the water

He wanted to go higher.....

and higher.....
and higher still.....
That is the most fun of all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tanek in School

Stephanie and I are homeschooling Tanek in preschool. He is learning well and there are some things he really likes to do better than others. Unfortunately, the things he "really" likes I don't. He loves Lego's, puzzles and stuff like that. I prefer things that are 1 piece. However, we are working well on some things. He is learning to write his letters good. He is very proud when he learns to write something new. We also have magnetic letters that he uses to spell with. He is learning the capitals of the states. He can show you where all of us were born and live on the map. He can find a lot of the capitals on the map too.

He did this "all by myself". One of his favorite sentences.
He got these magnetic gears and he loves them. These I even like. You put them all together and if you put them together right you can turn them all at one time. He said it reminds him of the insides of a clock. All turning round and round. I am not sure how he knows what the inside of a clock looks like.

You can make all sorts of designs with them.

He also likes to read and is doing very well at that. And he wants to know how to spell everything. Sometimes he ask how to spell whole sentences. And whatever signs he sees along the road he wants to know what they say. He says, "I am curious". That is putting it mildly. He ask at least a thousand questions everyday. But I know that is how he learns. Some days I prefer recess. But then I always did. :)