Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Misc. Cruise Pictures.

Here are some misc. pictures in no particular order. Below is our server and assistant server.
These 2 were great. Lidia was from the Dominican Republic and Mladen was from Serbia. They were so nice and treated us so good. We couldn't always understand everything they said, but we did pretty well. These vest they have on started out being white with black characters on them as well as the walls were black and white. Then they put on a show and the whole room came alive with lots of color and so did their vest. It was very cool.
Mladen is teaching Tanek magic tricks with his crayons.
They introduced all the servers and they went around greeting everyone at their tables. We had the same servers every night. They went to the different restaurants with us.

You can see that at the beginning their vest were black and white. Mladen really was so nice to Tanek and took up a lot of time with him.

Lidia was so sweet. We really liked her.
This was Tanek the day we went to the island and then he came back and went swimming. He was worn out. He went full force all day, but when he stopped he crashed.

This was our last night before we had to come home. :(

Here are some pictures of our room. It was really pretty good size.

Each night our maid left us an animal out of towels.

We had two rooms for the bathroom. One room had the commode and a sink the other a tub/shower and a sink. That was really convenient. Tanek loved flushing the toilet because it made such a loud noise and he thought it was very funny.

I loved the large window to look out of. Some rooms had sliding doors with a deck, but I was kinda glad we didn't have a way out so we didn't have to worry about Tanek going overboard.
He loved climbing on the shelf to look out the window and I can imagine he would have loved climbing on the rails if he could have got to them.

This is Disney Island

Tanek standing in front of the cannon on the island.

Asleep again.

The beautiful Disney Wonder. I LOVE this ship!

Whenever we came on the ship we always had this sign up welcoming us back home. I really liked my home too.

Tanek at Atlantis

One of the lights at Atlantis. Atlantis is advertising if you stay 3 nights the 4th will be free. What a bargain. Wonder how much those first 3 would cost?

We walked through the casino. It was pretty dark and the picture didn't turn out very good. They had a ton of machines.

Their light fixtures like everything else were very beautiful

A glass sculpture

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bahama's

On Friday we docked at Nassau. We decided to tour Atlantis. It is So beautiful and expensive.
It was a beautiful day. About 80 degrees and a nice breeze. The kind of day you could get used to real quick.
We walked around the acquarium and looked at all the fish. They were so pretty and so many different kinds. There was also a diver in the acquarium and we watched what he was doing.

The inside of the hotel was just beautiful. Lots of stores (very expensive stores) and a cassino,
plus the acquarium running through it. The decor was very lavish and ornate. The plants lush.

So much fun just watching all the fish. There were little baby fish and huge fish of all kinds.

The blue water is so clear and beautiful.

This picture below that has the room in the middle of the 2 buildings cost $25,000 a night with a four night minimum. The guide called it the Michael Jackson suite. It is booked solid for the next 5 years. So in 5 years if you book now for $100,000 you can stay there. I am saving my $$
to stay there. Haha.

The weather could not have been more perfect. You can see the trees blowing. It was so nice.
It felt so good to enjoy the warm tropical weather after what we have been having here. And you can imagine how much our northern friends were enjoying this day. Actually the weather was pretty great during the whole cruise.

This house is owned by the local dentist in Nassau. I guess business is pretty good.

It started to cloud up and we did have a quick shower in the late afternoon. We were getting ready to take the water taxi back to the ship.

The house hidden in all the trees (you can just barely see the white roof) is owned by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

This lady was getting paid to take a picture with her. I snapped the picture by herself for free.
Everywhere on the Island people are hustling for your money.

This ship pulled in after we were there. There is a total of 4 ships in port right now. This ship is the largest cruise ship of all. It is the Oasis by Royal Caribbean. It was huge. Very pretty. I still prefer the Disney ship. I don't know how many people this would hold, but way more than I want to be around. It was a beautiful ship though.

We had a great time walking around Atlantis. We didn't do much in the town. It is pretty dirty and just a lot of tourist stuff for sale. We did get our passports stamped though and so now I finally have a stamp on my passport.:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Disney Cruise - 2010

I FINALLY got to go on the Disney Cruise. This has been a long time dream of mine. I have never been on any cruise and I wanted it to be a Disney Cruise when I got to go. We went on Jan. 21-24. Stephanie, Tanek and I left on Wed. and went to Cocoa Beach for the day and night to start our trip a little early. We did some shopping, had lunch at Applebee's and walked on the beach. It was nice to be close so that we could get an early start in the morning and get to the ship early. We stayed at Quality Suites and it was a really nice room and right near the beach.
Tanek is sitting on the bench at the entrance of the hotel.

It really was a nice place to stay and very reasonable compared to all the others in the area. Plus we got to take the shuttle to the ship and leave our car at the hotel. (actually the Radison) is where we left the car and took the shuttle from there.
After spending a good part of the day shopping and having lunch we walked on the beach. Tanek's favorite place was Barnes and Noble. They had a wooden train set there and he could have played with it for hours. By the time we got to the beach it was pretty windy and getting chilly so we didn't stay long.

This was the sunset from our hotel window in Cocoa beach the first night. It was actually the prettiest one of all. They were not too pretty on the ship because it was usually cloudy by that time. I love the sunsets and love to take pictures of them.

It was very exciting getting to the ship. I LOVE the Disney ship. It was so pretty and everyone on the ship that works for Disney was so nice and really worked hard to be sure your cruise was "magical". It was everything I hoped it would be, except it was just too short.

This was as we were walking up to the area to check in and get signed up for activities for Tanek.

When we first got on the ship at noon they sent us right into a dinning area for a wonderful buffet lunch. It was one of my favorite meals. So much of everything. Fresh fruit and salads, and tons of desserts. It was a good way to start the cruise.

After lunch we took Tanek to the pool while we waited for our room to get ready. He loved the pool and it was so nice because it was shallow enough that he could play in it by himself and the water was warm and there was a big slide. Everything a child could ask for.

He loved the slide. I would have loved it but it was only for children. So we got to watch him have a great time. He hated wearing the bracelet that they had him wear for the entire trip so that when he went into the activities they could match him up with us. He tried the whole time to get it off.

Before we set sail it was mandatory that we all put on our life jackets and attend a drill on how to use them. I am glad we didn't have too. It is good to know they put so much emphasis on our safety.
Before we set sail there was a big send off party on the top two decks. Stephanie and I bought these drinks (non-alchol) We wanted the glasses for a keepsake. They drinks were really good too.

This is the sunset on ship our first night. It was pretty even though quite heavy clouds.

I love these two pictures of Tanek looking out the window in our room at the sunset with his reflection in the glass. It was so neat watching the water as the ship was sailing.

This was just the first part of our cruise. I will post more pictures later. This was a great cruise and I sure hated for it to end. It was such a relaxing time and I loved it. I could really get used to this kind of a vacation. I would love to go on another one only much longer. There is so much to do on the ship and so much to do when they dock that it is hard to do it all in such a short cruise. I think a week long would be a lot more fun. It was really fun being waited on and treated special. No work, no worries, just fun and relaxing. It was kinda nice being cut off from the rest of the world and not being aware of all that was going on here. It was definitely not reality, but it sure was nice.