Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

It has taken me since Christmas to try to post this.  Blogger has changed something and won't take my browser .  I had to change it and I dislike the new change.  ANYWAY.  Here are some pictures posting last first. Go figure.
We had a birthday party for Jesus.  Tanek and his mommy made this delicious cake.  We were sure Jesus liked it too because it is chocolate. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Tanek blew out the candles for Him
 Tanek loves lego's and can never have enough.  SO he was quite happy to have more lego's under his tree.  And under our tree too!

 He is very good at putting Lego's together.  He and his mommy spent lots of time building lego's and he has a whole lego city with all sorts of things in his city.
 This was his city "before Christmas".  It has grown larger now.
 He was very happy to get a globe for Christmas.  Not what your average 5 year old asks for on Christmas but he was very pleased.  He loves to learn about other countries and states and loves talking about where he was born.
 More lego's from his Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather and his "cousins".
 And a pogo stick.  He is having fun learning how to do this.
Tanek had a very Happy Christmas. I love that after each gift he would say thank you and let you know he wanted that gift.  He was also very concious that everyone else got their gifts to open too.  Another Christmas has come and gone, but I think we did really well celebrating the "reason for the season."

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Night Out in St. Augustine!

Tonight we along with Charles and Charlene went to St. Augustine for dinner and to see Christmas lights. We ate at Schooner's with "a lot" of other people. This seemed to be the place to be tonight. The food was very good and the wait was worth it. We also went to a church (I can't rememer the name) on hwy 16 not far from the outlet mall. They had a wonderful display of Christmas lights. You drive through and see all the lights, and they have a big tent with all sorts of Christmas trees. There were Disney characters as well as things for kids to do and refreshments. It really was a neat place and a lot of work by this church. We started out at Schooners and ate way more than we needed too.

Waiting for dinner.

These are a few of the decorations they had in their display of lights.

Gary and Charles relaxing while Charlene and I looked around and had our picture taken in a sleigh.

Mickey and Minnie had made the trip from Disney to help out.

They had a lot of different displays. This was one of my favorite ones. Love the peanuts gang.

We had a very nice time and got to see a lot of pretty lights. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Program & Parties!

The children's choir put on a great Christmas musical. "Back to the Manger". It went back into time all the way to the First Christmas. They did a great job and it is always so much fun to watch the kids sing and perform. They do it from their heart. Love watching all of them.Tanek was very much into it.

Love th 50's era.

The Library had a nice Christmas party for the children too. Even had a visit from Santa.

Mrs. Chris does a wonderul job getting the Library in festive decor.

Tanek always enjoys story time

Last year when he saw Santa he surprised him by telling Santa that "His" mommy and daddy were his Santa. I told him this year he might just want to go along with the program and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He did. He told him he wanted Lego's and Santa told him He still played with Lego's.

Mason's Mimi, Mrs. Jan, had a "Happy Birthday Jesus Party" at her house. The kids had a lot of fun playing birthday games and celebrating Jesus' birthday.

Tanek and Mason have been buddies since they were 2 years old. They don't get to see each other very often now, but they sure did enjoy getting back together.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas time at the Kingdom!

Going to Disney during the Christmas season is probably my favorite time to go. The lights and decorations are awesome. No one does Christmas decorations quite like Disney. We had a great time, the weather was great, the crowds were light and we met up with Kim and Seth so Tanek had a friend to ride with.

The tea cups are always a favorite ride.

They were filming the Disney Christmas Parade that Saturday we were there. There were hundreds of people lined up on Main St. to watch it and hopefully be on TV. We took advantage of that time to go on over 21 rides and attractions without having to wait in long lines. It was great.

Seth was just a little dizzy on the tea cups

Stephanie and Kim

Love the beautiful flowers in the entrance of the Kingdom

And these 2 cute boys make it look even better

Hollywood Studio's is the place to see lots and lots of lights. I love this place!

The guns at the shooting gallery may be just a little too big for Tanek.

Watching the fireworks is always fun

Seth is teaching Tanek to play checkers.

The decorations and landscaping at Epcot are always beautiful

A beautiful December day in Florida!