Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maryland Trip- Part 2

Baking cookies can be so much fun. All of us had a part in making some yummy chocolate chip cookies. The girls thought they were the best they ever made. Since I normally bake the kind you pull apart and bake these were very good. Emily very much enjoyed licking the spoon, They made SO many cookies I didn't think we could eat them all, but they were almost gone by Sunday when Richard and Heather got home.

You can't help but love this sweet face.
Saturday evening we did pedicures and Emily wanted to do a little modeling for us. She picked out this pretty dress and did some performances for us. She was princess Belle.

All of our beautiful toe nails after we finished. Everyone picked out what they wanted on their toes. Hannah and Emily have especially bright toe nails.

Some random play pictures during the day. Hannah and Emily swinging.

Sweet Hannah

Heathers beautiful tulips. I love these flowers. You don't usually see them growing in Florida.

Sweet Emily with the "boys". These guys are so cute and lovable. If you sit still for very long they will be in your lap.

Emily is proud of her blue gator aid tongue

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I love seeing all the pictures Nana - keep em coming!!