Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beth Moore Conference- Jacksonville, Fl.

The Ladies had been planning on attending this conference for months. At the last minute someone canceled and I got to go on their ticket. Found out early Friday morning I was going and by 1:30 that day we were on our way.

Here they are after eating dinner at the Landing, we walked to the Colisium. Quite a nice little walk.
Eating dinner at the landing.

My two roommates. Ingrid and Anita below, doing one of her favorite things. We stayed at the Omni.
Beth Moore does a wonderful conference and if you ever get the chance to hear her it is well worth it. She has such a strong dynamic Christian message. Travis Cottrell brought the music and it was very good. There were 14,500 people in attendance and that can make a great impact if everyone lives out what they learned while there.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out to Dinner after Annual Meeting

We are at MT's eating dinner. Had to snap this picture of Tanek. And NO Gary did not win the truck. He did get a flashlight. Actually Ricky won it, but gave it to Gary. Maybe he will win the truck next year. Anyway, it was fun to try.

Tanek goes to the Annual Meeting at Clay Electric

Papa and I took Tanek up to the annual meeting at Clay Electric. His daddy was so proud to show him off and Tanek was so happy to meet some of daddy's friends and co-workers. He even got a firemans hat out of it. We looked around at the displays and had the chicken dinner. Papa is waiting to see if he wins the truck in the drawing.:) Sure would be a nice surprise. Someone will win it so why not us? If you don't see a picture on here of a truck, you will know he didn't win it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Beautiful Easter

The day started out a little chilly, but it turned out beautiful and sunny and warm.
Papa, Hannah, and her American girl doll all dressed up for Easter Sunday. Here is the whole family, minus the photo taking lady Heather. This year we didn't get us all in one picture. Nice to have the flowers blooming.
Here is the O'Steen family. Quite a good looking family. Beautiful girls, handsome man. Prejudice???? Not me!
Another beautiful family. The Heath family. What a blessed Nana & Papa we are to have such a wonderful family and the wonderful grand-children.

Dying Easter eggs with Tanek

This was Tanek's first year to dye Easter Eggs. It was "interesting". We used the tye dye look, using bags, should not be too messy??? I had it all over me. They turned out very pretty and he had fun, but as you can see, his car was still more important than the eggs.

Emily's "pre-Easter" gift

Instead of getting the grand-children candy or more stuffed animals, this year we got them some clothes and toys. Here is a picture of Emily in her little sundress from Nana & Papa. The others got sandals, and Tanek got some "cars" things. No pictures of that, but thougth this was too cute not to share.

Getting Ready for the Easter Pageant

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here's our Little Emily

Is this a cutie or what? Little Emily in her "sailor" outfit. All ready to go to the Easter Padget.

Tanek's new Nikes

Tanek got a new pair of Nikes. Aunt Heather picked these out. He is one cool dude now.

Hannah Gets Her Day at SIlver Springs

Since Hannah was sick on Sunday when everyone else went to Silver Springs we (Mommy, Aunt Stephanie, Tanek and Nana) took her today. This was her special day and she was the special girl all day. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun. Her she is with Tanek at the entrance.

Hannah & Tanek!
Hannah riding on the glass bottom boat with Mommy, Aunt Stephanie and Tanek.
Big Giraffs and a little girl named Hannah
Eating dipping dots at Silver Springs. They were yummy!
Riding on the horse (of course)
Here is Hannah with Aunt Stephanie and Tanek entering Silver Springs!

Here is mommy, nana, & Hannah at the horseshoe tree.

Hannah was worn out on the way home and fell asleep!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hannah's Family Birthday Party

The Sweetest Grand-children!

This is Kirsten our first and oldest lovely Grand-daughter. She will soon be a (yikes) teen-ager. Can it be possible it has been almost 13 years since we became Grand-parents? Where does the time go????

Here is our little Princess Hannah. She just turned 8 and this was a birthday party we had for her on Saturday night. She got sick Saturday night and couldn't go to Silver Springs. Her and Nana stayed home and had a special Nana/Grand-daughter day. She is better today.

Here is Emily. She is the youngest Grand-daughter. She is 3 months older than Tanek! They love each other. Isn't she just precious?
Here is Tanek our only Grand-son and the youngest Grand-child. He was at Silver Springs with his cousins and family. He is also a sweetie. We have 4 precious Grand-children and we feel
VERY VERY Blessed.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I can do it myself!

Tanek is very independent and only wants to feed himself. This sometimes is not the ideal situation, but he has to learn. He is doing quite well at it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some things retired people get to do!

My Friend Alma came over today to bring me a couple angels. (they are remodeling) so I got a couple angels she no longer was going to use. Here is what we "retired folks" get to do sometimes. Cruising in a convertable on a beautiful Spring day. Word of warning. I am into this blogging. SO be careful. If you come to my house you may end up on here.

One of Tanek's favorite things to do

One of Tanek's favorite things to do is ride on the tractor with Papa. Today he decided he would go it alone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In less than an hour it will be Hannah's birthday. I can't believe it has been 8 years. I still remember going up there when she was going to be born. I actually was there 3 weeks before she was born. We thought she would be early, but she waited until she was good and ready. I spent a week up there after her birth. One night while her mommy was taking a shower I sat and rocked her in her nursery. That was the beginning of a beautiful love relationship between Nana and grand-daughter. For awhile I was able to go up every 2 months and spend time with them....but then Papa retired and that was over. I miss seeing these precious girls. Just wanted to wish one of them a very very Happy Birthday. You are a sweetheart and Nana and Papa love you. See you soon.

Our 2 littlest egg hunters

Here's the family from "up north". Such precious girls and mom and dad are ok too. With both these families how much more can a Nana ask for?

This is our newest little family. What a beautiful family and what a great Easter Blessing!

The girls and I colored beautiful eggs. These were our favorite ones. They were so pretty we didn't eat any of them. After awhile they just went where all old eggs go.
Family dinner on Easter Sunday....before the egg hunt!