Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emily's 7th Birthday!

Seven years ago today my sweet grand-daughter Emily was born.  I can still remember being in Maryland on a cold day waiting for her to be born.  She was born just one day before her papa's birthday.  We tried to get her mom to wait one more day, but Heather wasn't going for that.  Emily is such a sweet, cute and smart little girl.  We have certainly enjoyed our youngest grand-daughter.  I hate that she lives so far away and we don't get to see her nearly enough.

Emily I can't believe you are already seven years old.  We sure do love you and are so proud of the girl you are growing up to be.  I hope your birthday was as special as you are.  WE LOVE YOU!!

Visit from Rena & Larry

Around the middle of October Rena and Larry came out for a few days.  We had a great time.  We did a tour of St. Augustine and the beach.  We didn't have time to spend very long at any one place, but just gave them a tour of the city.  Here is Tanek with his "Aunt Grandma" at Vilano Beach.

It was a beautiful day, a little windy but very nice.

St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach
Larry & Rena

We visited the lighthouse

Had lunch 

Went to the Old Fort

Stephanie, Rena, & Tanek at the Old Fort

Tanek checking out the cannon

They stayed at the "Hampton Lake B& B.
We went and had breakfast with them.  I highly recommend it.

Tanek telling his Aunt Grandma some of the things he has learned in school.

We really enjoyed our visit and getting to know Larry a little better.  It was just too short of a visit.  Hopefully we will have more times of getting together.  It is a little hard when they live clear across country from us in Vancouver, Wa.