Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oreo Cookies

We have recently become interested in Oreo Cookies. They have come out with many different flavors. They have mini bites, chocolate frosted with all sorts of fillings. Today we are into the chocolate peanut butter ones. Last week we had the chocolate frosted with cream fillings. Next we are going to try the chocolate frosted ones with peanut butter fillings. These were on sale so I got the plain chocolate peanut butter filled and they are very yummy.

Kids just automatically dunk their cookies in their milk. The reason is "I like it like that".

Chocolate and peanut butter have got to be one of the best combination of flavors ever put together. You just can't go wrong with that.

Just a few cookies and a glass of cold milk make a very nice morning snack

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flat Tanek

Last week during the Library story time for the craft they were going to make a flat replica of theirself. This is copied from the books and projects "Flat Stanley". I had never heard of it, but there is a lot out there on google about flat Stanleys. So we made our "flat Tanek". It was so much fun making him and the idea is to send him places in the world where you might want to go. We looked on Google and found out a lot about flat Stanley. We colored him and I took a picture of his face to and put it on the flat Tanek. It just looks more life like with his real face. We are going to start taking flat Tanek on trips or send him places with other people like they do in the Flat Stanley projects. We may send him home with Aunt Grandma to Washington state so he can experience the same trip the real Tanek went on a few years ago. We may need to make a smaller Flat Tanek as this one is life size. They usually send a smaller one on long trips.

This was such a fun project to do together. We both did a lot of coloring and trying to get the right picture for the face took a few tries. Tanek is very happy with his flat Tanek and he is resting on the dinning room table.

This is really a fun project to do with a child. I am looking forward to seeing where all this flat Tanek ends up going and with who. We had a great time today. Just one of the fun things I get to do while home schooling him. Of course this doesn't have to be a school project. We are doing a lot of fun things this summer and making a lot of fun memories. Flat Stanley has been around for 40 years and there are all kinds of things about him on google. So we will be learning more things to do with our flat Tanek in the future. Besides when Tanek isn't here I can keep flat Tanek and hang him up and it will be almost like having a real little boy here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today we celebrate Father's day. We went to church and then Tanek along with his mom and dad had lunch with us. Tanek and his papa are great buddies. We brought him home from church and he and papa played cars until lunch time.

These 2 boys enjoy each other's company.

Lunch time with the family. We missed our Maryland family and wish they could have been here. It isn't fun to have them live so far away, but that is just the way it is. I wish my son,

my son-in-law and my hubby a very Happy Father's Day. It is great to have the love of your family whether they live near or far. 3 daddy's dearly loved by their children and grand-children. Well one daddy has grand-children. The other two are still daddy's of younger children, but all 3 are good loving daddy's and very loved by their families.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun in the yard!

Kirsten & Hannah practicing sword fighting

Emily loves a good tree

And so does Hannah

Kirsten looking through her wish book

Family fun


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hannah's Field Day!

The day I got to Maryland we went to Hannah's field day at her school. It was held at someones home and their land was like a park. Lots of acreage and very beautiful. The weather was very nice. After they had just had a couple 100 degree weather days this one was very cool. I was actually cold early in the day. All their games involved water and I thought it was kinda cold for that but.......these kids are from Maryland. It didn't feel cold to them. When we first got to the field day Emily wanted to climb a tree first thing.

Hannah and one of her best friends Madison.

The kids had all kinds of relays and races etc.

I think the dad's were having more fun than the kids squirting the kids with water.

Hannah was proud to have her dad with her.

Our sweet Hannah

There was face painting

Everyone brought their lunch and had a picnic on the grounds. Then there was more playing. They had a splash bouncer that the kids really loved. The field day was for all the kids K-6 and of course little sisters and brothers too. Emily had as much fun as Hannah did. I was glad I got there in time to enjoy the day watching them have so much fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pea Shelling Time!

Today Papa was shelling peas and Tanek wanted to help him. He helps his Papa plant the peas and he even likes to eat them. Shelling the peas was fun for about two peas and then he decided he would do something else. So we went and finished reading our story, played with lego's and his cars..

We then decided it would be fun to go swimming and that is what we did.

Papa has put up a lot of peas in the freezer. They are good and I am glad he doesn't mind sitting and shelling them because.....I am NOT going to!