Monday, June 30, 2008

Tanek Learning to Swim!

Friday Stephanie was off and she took Tanek swimming. He is doing so well jumping off the side of the pool and trying to swim. He loves the water.

He can make a big splash for a little guy. He loves it when he can splash you too.

He is waving "hi" to his Nana. We swim just about every day. It is nice that mommy has a chance to take him in too.
The grand-daughters have been away for several days visiting family in Tampa. Tomorrow I will get more pictures of them posted.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

We are back in Florida now. Here are the two "boys" you have been hearing so much about. They took a little swim. They were good at it, but I don't think it is their "favorite" sport. Heather, Kirsten and Hannah help them.
Little Emily is on the step ready to take the plunge.

After a nice swim what could be better than some fresh grown (from Papa's garden) watermelon.
Hannah and Emily especially love the watermelon.
Emily is all dressed up and ready for her lunch date at "Johnny's" with her other grand-ma and relatives.
Here are the boys again. They have had a nice swim and now pose for a picture.
Tanek sitting with his Aunt Heather and the "boys" Brody and Bailey.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Maryland Family

This week I have been spending time in Maryland with Richard, Heather, Kirsten, Hannah & Emily. Here is Richard and Heather. Still in love after all these years.
Sweet Emily on her swing in her princess outfit. Always a princess. She always has on a tutu or some clothing that represents being a princess or dancer.
Today we went to watch Kirsten and Hannah take their riding lessons. They are very good riders and love everything about horses. Here is Kirsten on her horse Buck.
Hannah is riding Hasty. She is getting ready to make a jump.

Kirsten brushing her horse. They have braided the horses mane to make him look spiffy.

Thursday we went to the park for a picnic and let the girls play on the playground. This park is named Annie's Park after a little 6 year old girl the was killed by a drunk driver. It is such a nice tribute to a sweet little girl whose lilfe was taken way to soon.
Emily coming down the slide backwards and frontwards. She loved the slide.
We went to Rocks State Park to the waterfalls. It was a beautiful walk and the falls are very pretty. The water is clear, cold and lots of rocks in it. 3 of these rocks are coming to Florida with me.
Kirsten and her friend Maddy. Maddy went behind the waterfall. The water is like ice.
Kirsten "meditating" on one of the rocks.
Catching the "photographer" photgraphing pictures.

Here is our sweet "Princess" in full uniform. She is always ready to be in the princess mode. Is this a sweet face or what?
All three girls at the park together. It was a really beautiful day. Not too hot, just perfect. Kinda lilke we were in April.

Kirsten, Hannah and Emily on the slides.
Princess Emily on her throne.
This has been a pretty busy week. We have been on the go and doing lots of things. On Sunday we take off for Florida. They are coming to spend some time in Florida with family.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They're Coming!!!

In just a few days these precious Grand-daughters will be visiting in Florida. Can't wait to see them again. I will be flying up and driving back with the "girls" and the "2 boys".
Just wanted to send them a reminder of all the fun in the pool so they can get ready.
Emily was flying high thanks to her daddy. And she was loving it.

Papa shelling peas

Today Papa is shelling a bunch of peas and I am cooking them for him to eat while I am gone.

Tanek and Daisey are helping. Papa shells, Tanek throws the shells away and Daisey eats anything that hits the floor. A good team.
We have had lots of peas and have shared some and they are pretty good. (If you like peas. ) I like them about once every 6 months. I have already had my quota for a good while.
A good job done by Papa's helpers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Visit from Friends from Maryland

Today for just a short visit Wendy (Stephanies college roomate) and her husband and children stopped by on their way down to Disney. Above is Casey and Maggie, A.J., Tessa and Wyatt and Tanek.
We all just got out of the pool and they were getting ready to leave. The kids had a great time cooling off in the pool. Tanek enjoyed meeting all the kids and playing with them in the pool.
Here is Wendy and Matt with AJ looking on. They were only able to stay a short time as they had reservations in Orlando. It was good to see them again and watch the children having such a nice break swimming and cooling off before finishing their long trip.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thinking back with Thankfulness!

16 years ago this month I had surgery for a malignant ovarian tumor. It was a large 2 lb tumor. It was a very scary thing to go through. You never really know how something like that will turn out. You hope, you pray, you believe but then it is as all of life is in God's hand. We know of many miracles and healings, we also know of many that God chose to take home. Well 16 years later and I am SO thankful and SO Grateful that God chose to heal me and let me continue to live. When you face a life and death situation priorities become very different. You realize money, and things have absolutely no value in life. It is relationships with God, family, & friends that count.

The many things I am thankful for are:

First that I have a personal relationship with Jesus and one day I will spend eternity with Him.
I know that my life however long it last is totally in God's hands and I can trust Him with it.
I am Thankful that He choose to let me stay longer and enjoy family and good friends. 16 years ago, I had one adult child that was married and one getting ready to get married. I had NO grand-children. Now I am Blessed with 4 adult children. 2 by birth and 2 by marriage. I am Blessed with 4 of the greatest grand-children in the world. I have 3 beautiful grand-daughters that I love with all my heart. I have one very precious grand-son that I also love with all my heart. They are the light of my world. I love spending time with them.
I have a wonderful husband that has put up with me for 44 years, and yes I have also put up with him. But after 44 years we are still in love and still (most of the time) like each other.:) Together our grand-children are the "Joy" of our lives. It is also such a Blessing when you have adult children that you "like" as well as love and are proud of the adults they have turned out to be, of the wonderful parents they have turned out to be and the way they are living their lives with their spouses and children. That they are also living for the Lord and raising their children to love God and serve Him. That they are people you enjoy spending time with. It is great when your adult children are also your friends.

I am thankful for many good friends who we love to spend time with. I am very thankful for my church and the friends we have there. It is a great loving and caring church and we enjoy it very much. We have made many new friends there.
I am thankful for things we take for granted. Health, a home, comforts we take for granted.
AC in the summer, Heat in the winter. A pool to play with the grandchildren in. Rain, (how much we needed it and it finally came). Our pet dogs who keep us company, friends to share meals with and enjoy evenings with playing cards or going places. Watching my husband grow veggies in his garden, growing flowers , enjoying nature, just enjoying life.

There are so many many things I could list that I feel thankful for, but it would take way to long.
Just to say that Life is good, and I am grateful to still be able to live it and for however long I have I want to live it to the fullest and I hope that in some way whatever I do in life will be a Glory to God. I hope my life will be a reflection of God's love and that especially my Grand-chidlren will see that in me. I hope that in some way I will be someone that will help influence their lives. I know that I have a special relationship with my grand-children and we enjoy spending time together. I hope they will always want to spend time with me and that they will always know that they are loved unconditionally and they can always be theirselves with their Nana.
So as I reflect over the past 16 years (especially) and all of life in general I feel extremely blessed. Knowing God directs every step of your life is very comforting. Knowing He is with you in the good and bad times. We will go through both of them and what a comfort to have the knowledge that God is in control of every situation we face whether good or bad. I would challenge you if you haven't made God #1 in your life to do so. Things really do go better with God in control and He has the greatest life insurance you can have.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Philippians 4:4

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tanek helps Nana water!

Yesterday I needed to water my plants and so I took Tanek out to let him help me. He decided it was most fun to water himself.
We had to call Papa to get the camera and take pictures. He kept pulling the hose away from me so he could put it on himself. He just loves the water coming all over his head and in his face. He was having a great time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Happy Anniversary to EW and Lucy Hodges. Today is their 55th anniversary. Yesterday was our 44th. Together we have 99 years of experience. So if you need help, just ask. We both decided the best solution to a long marriage is "no matter what, stick it out". I believe we promise something like that in our vowels. Anyway we went to the Ivy House in Alachua for a wonderful lunch. Thanks EW for picking up the tab. The lunch was SO good. Crsipy chicken and to top it off Coconut Cake for desert. YUM! (Sorry Pam, this is not on your plan) but at our age we have to enjoy while we can.:) We had a great time. Good food, good friends. EW & Lucy in the beautiful gardens of the Ivy House. Looking good for 55 years of marriage.
Me & my hubby of 44 years.
The fish pond
Double picture here. Oh Well!

My sweet hubby of 44 years. Who would have ever thought! Just think he had plenty of hair when we married. But he is still a cutie.