Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney-Home school Convention May 2013

We spent the morning at Disney and Down Town Disney
before heading to the convention.

There is always time to play with Lego's.
Or at least that is what Tanek thinks.

Downtown Disney is very pretty.  Love to look at their landscaping.

And always time for a little shopping.

Looking around the beautiful grounds of the
Gaylord Palms Resort.  We love going to the
convention every year.  It is kind of our
end of the year celebration and getting ready for
the next school year.

They decorate their display windows so pretty.

Checking out the slides.  They were closed here, but
we sure enjoyed them.

Sun bathing

We love going to the convention every Spring. While
Stephanie researches the literature Tanek and I spend
some fun times at the pool and water slides.  It is also
very interesting to see what all is available for home school,
and how many families are involved.  We attend seminars that are very informative.  There is just so much that they offer and
it is really worth it to go.  The Gaylord Palms is a very nice place
to stay and I am looking forward to May.

Spring Disney Trip

This is a trip we actually took last May.  I can't believe I am so far behind in my blogging.  We went to Disney in May before we went to the home school convention.  We had a great time and enjoyed a day and a half at Disney before heading to the Gaylord Palms resort for the convention.

We took the ferry across to the Kingdom.

It was such a pretty ride

We also rode the Disney Bus.  This used to be Tanek's favorite ride when he was very little.

It was May, but it was still cool at night.

The view from our hotel room.  Tanek always wants to stay as high as possible.