Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidbits of information.

I am posting pictures of some of the flowers I have growing around the pool. Yesterday was going to be a day spent playing with Tanek. However, he was not feeling good and so he didn't do much all day. He was very mopey and we ended up having to at take him to the ER. They diagnosed him with asthma. He has had several times trouble breathing and they had to give him breathing treatments but this time they said it is asthma. He is doing much better today but he certainly isn't wanting to take his medicine. He can be very strong willed when he needs to be. (or he thinks he needs to be). He won the hearts of all the Doctors and nurses at the ER. He (once he had a treatment and could breathe again) was so sweet they fell in love with him. I wonder what they would think if they saw this sweet little guy tonight fighting like mad to not take his meds. Not that I blame him. They tasted terrible and I personally can't take a liquid medicine that is nasty and yet they expect a 4 year old too. Not going to happen.

Tanek loves to help in the yard or in his papa's garden. He loves to pick the flowers to bring in the house. Not that these flowers have anything to do with him and the ER but I didn't have any pictures of him in the ER and so I am just posting these. I think the flowers are pretty anyway.
The ER. is not fun. We didn't have to wait as long as normal in the ER, but it was pretty busy. Several children and a small baby were in there with problems. So sad to see children sick and hurting. Tanek was crying so hard in pain that he had his mommy in tears and I was about to have to go get the Doctor to help and they finally came. I learned a lot about asthma last night.
It isn't fun for the person to have that is for sure. Breathing or not being able to breath is a scary thing. His tummy was hurting because he was using those muscles to breathe. The doctor said it was like he had done a thousand sit ups yesterday. Since I can't even do one sit up, I can only imagine how much pain that would be.

Anyway they gave him several treatments and after a few hours of watching him we were able to go home about 3 am. The treatments make him very hyper and at 3 am he was going strong.
Stephanie had been up for almost 24 hours and she was really worn out. Today he was doing better although he is still wheezing and of course not taking his medicine like he needs too. His daddy had come to the ER when he found out we were going to be there for a few hours. Tanek was quite happy to have so much attention surrounding him. About 2:30 a.m he starting saying he wanted to go home. He left there with a stuffed dog, stickers and magnets.
Hopefully he will get better every day and they will be able to control the asthma so there won't be so many attacks. It amazes me how one minute he can be suffering so much and in so much pain and after the treatment he is like a different person. I am so thankful that this can be done to help him breathe better. That is the story of our ER experience. There is a lot more to it but you can read about it on Tanek's blog @

And I will go back to working in my yard and enjoying the flowers.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tanek's a Cardinal

Yesterday when we took Tanek to his t-ball game we were a little early so we went to the playground to play for awhile. He is proud to show off his Cardinal uniform. He loved playing t-ball and being a Cardinal. Only one more game to go. They didn't win a lot of games, but they did win some and he had a ball playing t-ball.

He is proud to be #4 since that is how old he is.

One of Tanek's favorite things to do is swing on the swing papa made him. He loves for papa to get him spinning around real fast. He was enjoying this even though he thought it was a little scary he wanted to do it again. I LOVE to hear him laugh. He is such a happy child most of the time and he does laugh a lot. It is music to my ears.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Papa & Tanek

Saturday afternoon after the t-ball game Tanek came over while his mommy and daddy went shopping. He and papa went for a ride up the road on papa's lawn mower. Tanek loves to ride in the trailor and he was having the time of his life. He loves being outside and helping his papa.
Papa is making a lot of special memories with this sweet little boy.

It was such a beautiful day and you just wanted to be outside doing something. He is all smiles.

Here is a video of Tanek riding in the trailor with papa.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tina's Birthday!

Last night we celebrated Tina's birthday. It was late because she was so busy with other parties on her birthday. We always get together on birthdays and sometimes that is the only time we have a chance to get together. Fortunately with 6 of us there are a lot of birthdays. We first had dinner and then of course the "phase 10" marathon. Tanek was still here waiting for his mom to come pick him up after work and he decided he would like to play cards too. He spent the earlier part of the evening on the back porch entertaining the men while we cleaned up the kitchen.
Our goal is to ALWAYS beat the men. Most of the time we do. Sometimes we slip up and let one of them win. This time it was mine turn to win, but each wife came in ahead of their hubs and that made for a good game.
This is serious stuff but lots of laughter too.

Tina opens her gifts.

She got a butterfly house (not shown) from the Osteens and a bird feeder from the other O'Steens. One of the things we like to do best is watch birds and butterfly's and work in our yards, so it only made sense that she would get things for the yard.

We had a great time. Doris made a delicious cake and of course we had Mexican dinner. It isn't that I don't know how to cook anything else, maybe it is that no one likes anything else I cook or I prefer to think they just like my Mexican food. Happy Birthday month Tina. I guess the next birthdays aren't until August. Hopefully we will get together before then.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Haircut and Tanek's many faces

A few months ago we took Tanek to get his haircut at a children's place and they cut it quite short and his daddy didn't like it at all. So it has been growing out and today I cut it. He wants the top to be long so that when he shakes his head his hair will fly around like Chandler and Garretts hair does. Last summer when they were over swimming they would shake the water out of their hair and it would just fly around. Tanek loved it and is so excited that his hair is starting to do that. He loves those Mann Brothers.

He is getting much better about letting me cut his hair and when he is good and sits still it is a lot easier to cut.
I think he looks much cuter with the length in front instead of so short. It makes his eyes stand out more when it is longer. He is very happy with his new look and says "I look so Cute". Wonder where he hears that from?

He is a sport. He is looking forward to going swimming to see if he will be able to shake the water out of his hair like Chandler and Garrett do.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planting Flowers

Today Tanek and I planted two new plants in these pots. He was helping me fill up the pots with soil.
He did a good job and the plants look very pretty. He also spent some time helping his papa in the garden.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tanek Praying

As you can see we have very cute grand-children. The video's are not that good, but it does show some of their sweet personalities. In this one Ididn't get the very first part when he said "Dear Jesus". but this is the prayer he prays before he eats. So sweet. I just love posting pictures of my grands. I guess that is why my blog is called "Nana's Moments:. I am one very blessed Nana. Being a grand-parent truly is a blessing from God. I am sure all grand-parents feel this way.


Tanek & Papa in the Garden

Just a short clip of Tanek& Papa in the Garden yesterday.

More Emily dancing

Sweet Emily Dancing!

Emily loves to sing and dance. One morning before they started school she was just dancing to her hearts desire. She is so cute and such a performer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Gardening Time Again!

Papa has his garden planted with the help of Tanek. They have planted peas and corn. Papa also planted watermelon (my request) and peanuts. I planted tomato & pepper plants. Tanek loves to help his papa in the garden or doing anything. He loves the peas and calls them "papa's peas".

He couldn't wait to finish dinner last night so he could go out in the garden with his little rake and help his papa.
So far everything is doing very well. Papa has it all weeded and everything is growing well. Hopefully there will be No flooding rains this spring. Some rain would be nice but not 20+ inches in 2 weeks. Or whatever we had last spring.

He really works hard and loves it when papa tells him how much of a helper he is.

Papa is making so many memories with Tanek. One of papa's favorite things is gardening and he loves it that Tanek loves to help him.

We are hoping for a great harvest this year. If the peanuts grow well there will be lots of boiled peanuts. May even have to have a boiled peanut party.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Such a cute little catcher!

Tanek has got to play catcher a couple times at t-ball. He likes that position and he probably pays more attention to the ball when he is catching instead of being out in the field with so many other things to do. (like throw dirt, pull up grass, just so many other things to do)
The equipment is so big that he can't really bend over very easy. And sometimes you can't really see his face very well.
He throws the ball back to the pitcher

He has had a lot of fun playing t-ball and we have had a lot of fun watching him. He is just so cute. T-ball is fun to watch. It is amazing what some of the little kids do while playing ball.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Girls in their Fave Place!

My grand-daughters are crazy about horses. They love to ride. Kirsten likes to be at the stables better than anywhere else. They are both good riders and the day before I left they had a riding lesson and I got to go out and watch them. This is Hannah on one of the horses she rides.
Kirsten rides on Smokey most of the time. This guy can get a real attitude and tries to do things his way. He doesn't realize that Kirsten is more strong willed than he is and she will stay in charge.
Emily hasn't started riding.....yet. But there are many things for her to do when she is out there. She loves the kitties. I think this is the cat that is getting ready to have her own kitties.

Hannah looks so natural on a horse.

Emily and her mom watch as the girls ride. Well, Emily doesn't watch so much as she is so busy doing her own thing.

This time Richard was off and so he came along. The barn is NOT his favorite place to be. I think he is texting as Emily looks on.

The girls getting ready to do some jumps

I am taking a look at Smokey. Notice I am on the Other side of the fence from him.

Hannah's horse is a little more friendly and gentle

Smokey loves Kirsten and she loves him

Kirsten's motto is a bad day at the barn is better than a good day anywhere else. I don't think she thinks it is possible to have a bad day at the barn.

Mom & Dad look on

Smokey gets a treat after the riding lesson

There was a mama goat and two babies. We got to watch them milk the goat and feed the babies.

The two baby kids were so cute.
Emily got to help feed one of the babies

Aren't they so cute?

A close up shot of one of the "kids".

And the other "kid".

I always enjoy going out and watching the girls ride. They both do such a great job and love it so much. I certainly can't say that I share their love of the barn or of the horses, but since they love it so much I enjoy watching them.