Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maryland Trip - Part 1

This past week I was able to go to Maryland and spend some time with my family up there. Richard and Heather went to a surprise birthday party in Tenn. and I got to spend time with the girls. On Friday evening we had dinner together (taco's of course) and then had a girls evening. Maddie, Kirsten's best friend spent the night too. She is a riot. Maddie, Kirsten and Hannah started out playing Monopoly while I was spending time reading to Emily. After Emily went to bed and Hannah was ready for bed I took over Hannah's place in monopoly. Although at the time I took over Hannah wasn't having much of a monopoly Maddie was totally broke. She was the banker and soon had lots of land and money. (Not sure how she had so much money so quickly). I know she wouldn't borrow from the bank but she ended up skunking Kirsten and me.
Kirsten and I even did some shrewd playing and that didn't even slow her down. Finally, I had to just hand over all my land to her as I had NO money left and landed on one of her properties. Being the kind hearted girl she is, she just put this old nana out on the street. Ha ha. We had fun.

The next morning we fixed blueberry muffins and bacon for breakfast. My sweet Emily helped me make the muffins. Half the fun is getting to lick the bowl .
The girls are patiently waiting for breakfast to cook.

Here they are on the computor traveling around the world on Google Earth map.

Later in the afternoon we went down into the woods to see their fort. It was so nice down there. Even though on Saturday it was kinda cold, down there it was warm because we had the sunshine and no wind. Hannah is our nature girl. She works so hard down there getting all the places made and each of the girls have their own house down there. It really is so pretty down there. Right now all the trees are budding out and there were no critters down there. There is a little creek that runs through too.

The girls play down there for hours and love it. They have a great imagination and spend hours doing all sorts of creative things. It is nice because from the house you can see them and be able to keep an eye on them. I kept looking for snakes because if this was in Florida I would NOT have gone down there. But we didn't see anything like that. Just lots of birds in the trees.

Later in the day they came back up and played in the backyard. I had to snap a picture of them plus the neighbor girl with this car. This is the same car that when Kirsten was little I used to push her all around the house in. It is still going strong.

This was just part of the time I spent there. Lots more pictures coming. It was so much fun to have some time alone with the girls to make some special memories. They are all growing up so fast and I feel like I am missing so much of their lives. When I have the time to be with them I try to make up for the time I am gone. Kirsten now 14, isn't into all the silly little things we used to play, but thankfully Hannah and Emily still are. Kirsten is turning into such a nice young lady and it just fun to sit and talk to her. She has such a good head on her shoulders (and a very pretty one at that). She is the one who always has a book in her hand. Her biggest love is horses and I have lots of those to show later. Hannah, is our nature lover. We had fun watching the birds and she has 2 parakeets in her room. Her whole room is decorated in the bird theme and it is beautiful. Emily is the little performer in the family. She loves to sing and dance and perform. It is fun to watch as they grow and see how God is molding their lives. They are very special girls.

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