Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homeschooling with the Grand-daughters!

While I was visiting with the family this past week I had the opportunity to sit in while Hannah and Emily went to school at home. Heather is so creative that she makes everything a learning time. They have so much fun that everyone likes doing this. It made me want to go back to school (well almost) It did encourage me to do more with Tanek. I like that not only is everything interesting and geared to their interest but they have so much fun too. There was snack time, and lunch time and outside time, and lots of learning time. Here Emily is working with some shapes while Heather is reading to them. This was a real neat little thing she was working with putting together patterns.

It was such a nice day we went outside to do some reading. Richard was cutting and edging the yard and a nice big frog jumped out. Heather immediately picked him up and a new lesson started. Hannah and Emily checked this frog out from head to toe. We looked at all his bumps and colors and stretched him out to see how big he was. Emily gave him a drink of water from the fountain out front. After they were through examining him from every aspect they let him go and then Heather read to them about frogs and we drew pictures of frogs. It was all very interesting and I learned some things I didn't know about frogs. Hannah our big nature lover is raising tadpoles in her little water fountain.

We decided he must be the kind of frog that you get frog legs to eat from. He was big, but his legs did not look very appetizing to eat.

Emily had no problem holding him or checking him out. Lots of girls would not have touched him but Emily and Hannah had no problem with that.

He really was a very ugly frog. Some frogs are kinda cute, but this guy was just ugly. Very bumpy and rough skinned. Made for an interesting study on frogs though.

This was the book Heather read to them while we all took turns drawing pictures of frogs.

So nice that on a beautiful spring day you can be outside reading and studying rather than sitting at a desk in a classroom. I think I would have done much better in school if I had been able to have more of this type. I always hated sitting in a classroom . I found it very boring and confining. I am so happy to see how well my 2 grand-daughters are doing with home school and how well Heather is doing teaching it. Kirsten opted to go back to her school as she needed more of a challenge from her peers. I am encouraged to work more with Tanek and use a lot of Heathers style. She is very patient and laid back with them and they love it. Stephanie will be like that too. I will just help fill in the gaps while Stephanie is at work and we will try to make this a fun experience for him. There is so much opportunity and tools to use that are really a lot of fun while they are learning too.

It is also a very good way to have a closer relationship with your children and teach them your values instead of some of the things they are trying to teach that they don't need to learn.

After a fun morning of school we went to lunch. Richard was off on Monday and he worked in the yard while the girls did their school work and then we all got to go to Chipotles for lunch.
It was a fun Monday. Then after school we went to their horseback riding lessons. But that will be for tomorrow.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Aw - thanks Nana! It was so nice to read about our homeschool from your perspective. You will be great at helping to homeschool Tanek if that is the way the Lord is leading you.