Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disney day 2

Riding the monorail to the Polynesian for lunch.

I could spend the day here just enjoying the lush landscaping. This is how I wish my yard looked. The emphasis on "wish".
It is just a tropical paradise. Almost feel like you are in Hawaii.

Our sweet Tanek

While we were eating lunch a mommy duck and her babies came up to the window looking for food.

Tanek ready to take a spin on the water.

Anita , Stephanie and Tanek with our "summer home" in the background. :) These really nice hotels are way out of our price range, but it is fun to go and see them and have lunch there. They really are very nice.

Even though it was very hot there was a nice breeze.
Riding around the lake and looking at all the pretty hotels. I thought of Heather, Pam, Alice and Whitney with your fancy camera's and all the beautiful pictures you guys could take. Me, I just click and shoot and you can tell that, but it is fun anyway.

This is a picture of our summer place. Isn't it beautiful? The nice part of being at Disney is it really is a fantasy land. When you step on the property you can leave your problems behind. The people you meet are mostly happy and having a great time. If there is a recession going on it stops at the gates of Disney. You can forget even if for a day or two that we have a president that is trying to destroy America. You can forget all the problems in the world for a short time and just "believe" and enjoy. I love seeing the World of Disney through the eyes of my 3 year old grand-son and Anita. To them it is the happiest place on earth. We have a great time regardless of what we are doing or where we go and we are making lots and lots of memories with a precious little boy and with each other. I love seeing the happy faces on children. They are just so excited at seeing all the fun things at Disney where dreams come true.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Trip To Disney!

Stephanie, Tanek, Anita and I decided to make a quick trip to Disney for a little fun & R&R. We stopped on the way at the outlet mall, had lunch at the Rain Forest which was really neat, checked into our hotel the Buena Vista Palace and relaxed a little. Tanek liked seeing the animals and we were in the elephant room. When I ask him what does the elephant say he will always answer "Roll Tide". I try very hard to teach him right.
Anita at Rain Forest Cafe
Tanek and Stephanie by the alligator. He also knows the alligator says "chomp chomp".

This was such a cool place to have lunch. We even enjoyed the thunderstorms they had every 30 minutes. It is after all the rain forest.

Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and Piglet like Downtown Disney too!
A ride on the carousel

Meme Anita and Tanek getting into the M&M's

A very short swim in the pool. As you can see behind the thunder clouds were rolling in fast. All of a sudden we had such a wind that blew over all the lounge chairs and umbrellas and we made a mad dash for our room.

After the storm was over we went back to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping and let Tanek play at the lego store. He loves lego's and of course his mommy bought him a set of "Bob the Builder bulldozer". He played with them for a couple hours after we came back to our room.
We were also able to watch the fireworks from Epcot and the Magic Kingdom from our balcony.
That was really cool. NO crowds.
Here he is with his lego package.

It was great fun playing with the lego's and building things.

And finally bedtime came. He had been up since early Thurs. morn. We left our house about 7 a.m. and he finally was ready for bed about 10 p.m. He never once got crabby or tired the whole day. But when he finally laid down in bed he was out in just a few minutes.
He is asleep with all his friends from Disney.

The next morning he was ready to go again. The end of the first day and the beginning of the 2nd day. More pictures to come.

We have had a great time making special memories going to Disney. Thanks to Anita and Stephanie (with all they know about how to do Disney) I have learned to love it too. There are so many things to do that you don't ever get bored. And since we have season passes you don't feel like you have to try to see everything at one visit. We can come back the next month, or week or whenever we decide too. It has been lots of fun and one of Tanek's favorite things to do is ride the Disney bus. We were able to ride the bus, the monorail and the boat. He was happy and we never even went into the parks. We knew we did not want to do that in this heat. We had a very relaxing and fun time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tanek and Sprinkles

Today Tanek and I were making some cookies to take to Disney. He likes to put sprinkles on every kind of cookie. Actually what he really likes is to just eat the sprinkles. So after he put all the sprinkles on the cookies he ate the rest of them. He had it all over his fingers and mouth.
But we had a lot of fun.
Look Nana, purple fingers
And a purple tongue

The cookies turned out very good and the sprinkles were enjoyed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun, Sun, Food and Swimming!

Last Tuesday we had a fun time of swimming with Anita and her grand-children, Garrett, Chandler and Morgan, with Stephanie, Gary, Tanek and me. The weather was VERY hot and so even though the water was still pretty cool from all the rain, it felt pretty good.
Tanek loved having the "big" kids to play in the pool with. He likes to think he is as big as they are.

After swimming for a few hours we Anita and I went to Hardee's and brought back enough food to feed an army of hungry swimmers. It was a very fun day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Morgan and Tanek

The other day Meme Anita and Morgan and Garrett had planned to come swimming but of course it was going to rain. So they just stopped by for a short visit. Morgan and Tanek were doing a little dancing. Morgan is such a sweetheart and she plays with Tanek and he just loves her. We have a large stuffed chili pepper that sings "Hot, Hot, Hot" and they were dancing to that.

You can see the chili pepper on the floor
This time they were dancing to the little singing dog that sings "singing in the rain". Very fitting.

Here is the video of them dancing with the chili pepper