Sunday, March 28, 2010

Childrens Choir!

I can NOT believe I don't have any pictures to post of this. I did NOT know ahead of time that the children were singing tonight or there would have been pictures. My daughter got a video and hopefully she will post that. They were SO cute. Of course there was one little guy that was my favorite. He is just too cute. They sang on the bleachers that are set up for the Easter Program for the choir. While they were singing Tanek was going up and down the steps. He is always in motion. A real verb. Or as someone said this morning, a Sparkplug. Betty Kay has done a great job organizing all the children's choirs and all of the ages have great workers and teachers. He is still in the 3 year old choir but will move up when they move up. Right now the 3 year olds are my favorite because they are all so little and so cute. But they love to sing. They don't always get the words right or the motions in the right direction but they sing with their heart and they do a great job. Tanek loves the choir and he loves to sing. It really brings out the parents and grand-parents to watch their little darlings sing. I am thankful that we have this in our church for the children all the way from 3 year olds up. It is amazing how well these children can sing and learn the words by heart. This is something they will always have in their hearts and it is so great that they are learning at such a young age.
This weekend our adult choir will be putting on their annual Easter program. It is an awesome program and if you are in the area it would be a great thing to come watch and set the mood for Easter and the true meaning. It is April 2nd, 3rd and 4th every night at 7PM Trinity Baptist in Keystone Heights. You will not forget this program if you see it. It will really touch your heart and get you thinking about what Easter is really all about.

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