Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our big helper!

Tanek loves to help in the yard. I am trying to expose him to the joys of nature. I love working in the yard and watching the birds and papa loves gardening and Tanek is enjoying helping us with all of it. He said "Nana, this is fun" when he planted two new plants and got to water them all by himself. He was quite proud of himself.

It takes a little patience to take the time to let him do it "all by myself" as he loves to tell me, but I think in the long run he is learning some great things that he will enjoy all his life.

He is one happy little gardener!


Karen said...

He is too scrumptious! You are a blessed Nana to get so much time with him :)

Nana said...

I know. I enjoy it too. Now I am going to enjoy a few days with the girls. Can't wait. He was showing me how Austin does the high 5 today.

水慧 said...
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