Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Official- Summer is HERE!

We in Florida have two seasons. Winter and summer. Winter thank goodness is finally gone and now it is summer. May 1, we turned our air on and now it will probably be on until October. I don't mind the air, but I do prefer to have the windows open and enjoy free air. But that is over for now. We did have a couple weeks of Spring. This was taken around 5:30. It is out in the full sun and so it probably is only really about 92 degrees. The nice thing is that this temperature makes the next picture very enjoyable.

Yes, it is just about time for the first swim. The other day I checked the water temp and it was 80 degrees. I figured a few more days and we would be warm enough to go in. However, 4 1/2 inches of rain on Friday night dropped that temp down some. But the hot weather will bring it right back up. It doesn't take many days of this water sitting in that full sun to warm it up. Tanek loves the water and loves to swim. Last year he was just learning how to really swim. He will start swimming lessons next Monday at Swim America. They teach life saving swimming and that is what we wanted him to know. They don't consider that you know how to swim until you can swim 300 yards. Since he has access to the pool every day I wanted to be sure he can swim well, since I can't. I can swim enough to not drown, (at least in the pool) I can get to the side, but I am not a swimmer. We wanted him to swim well since he loves the water so much.

This is our newest project below. The hubs started rototilling up this area so we can replant it. It used to have some pretty nice St. Augustine grass in it, but also a lot of weeds. We had some
Scott's weed and feed for southern lawns, so I figured I would put that on there and kill the weeds and then fill in with more grass and have a very pretty lawn. We have way to much grass around the house to worry about having really pretty grass. We just keep it green and mowed and it looks pretty good. But I wanted to have really pretty grass in the back pool area and since it is just a small area I figured I could handle that. What I didn't know is that Scott's weed & feed for southern lawns must think St. Augustine grass is a weed. How they determine that I don't know. Anyway, I ended up with a yard full of very dead St. Augustine grass and a lot of very green weeds. I was told (after the fact) that somewhere in small writing it says not for St. Augustine grass. Since I can't read small writing I didn't see that. I just thought they would know that St. Augustine grass IS a southern lawn. Anyway, we will soon be planting NEW grass.

It's kinda fun though to never get bored. I know the hubs enjoys doing new projects, so I try to oblige him. :) Wait til he see what I have planned next. Won't go there right now. One day at a time. Here is a new picture of our bunny. He is growing. He is so cute and has the run of the back porch. He isn't even afraid of our dogs. He just sits on these rocks most of the day and at night he runs all over the place. He has it pretty easy. He has a litter box to use and he gets his bowl full of rabbit pellets and carrots everyday. For that we get to look at him and watch how cute he is.

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