Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disney Places

On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studio's. It is one of our favorite places to go. Tanek always likes to go to the Disney Playhouse and of course he always wants to go to Radiator Springs.
Standing in front of the Miss Piggy fountain. Tanek was pretty chilled out here.

We also took the back lot tour and saw some of the props from some movies. Here we have Herbie. Both halves of him.

This is a replica of the water tour at Disney Studio's in Burbank, California. I guess it is still there I am not sure about that.

Some of the gang getting ready for Minnie's birthday.....again

Tanek loves Handy Manny and his tools. He has his set of tools too and he helps Manny a lot.

Just waiting for the plays to start

A kiss from Mommy

We almost always visit Radiator Springs. Tanek is very much into the "cars". He knows everyone of them by name and what they do . It is fun to listen to him acting out the parts of each car. He was introduced to these cars several years ago by his cousin Emily and he has loved them ever since.

He Loves "Mine" and "Towey" as he calls them. Lightning is called "Mine" because the first car he had when he was just 2 was a shake up car and it said "the checker flag is MINE. So he has called him mine ever since then. And Towey because he is a Tow Truck.

I took him on the race track ride and boy is he a wild driver. He loved it. Thankfully they had us on a track or no telling where we would have ended up. He had a ball on this ride.

This is serious driving

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Alice said...

that's funny! minnie should be about 1,000 years old by now - if not more - lol!