Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - 2010

This was such a nice day today. All morning into the afternoon it was clear, sunny and hot. We had a great lunch and a swim this afternoon with some of the family and then this afternoon we got a big rain which we really needed. I saw that it was still raining and the sun was out so I went looking for the rainbow that I knew should be around somewhere. And here it is.

I didn't even realize it was a double rainbow until I uploaded these pictures. If you look close you can see that there are 2 rainbows.

I love rainbows and I just like taking pictures of the sky and clouds. It is just such a great reminder of the majesticness of God's creation.

I love how the light is coming up from the clouds here.

What can I say, it doesn't take a whole lot to impress me. haha I have always loved clouds.
It was a beautiful Labor day and now that the fun part is over I am back to work. I am stripping off some old wallpaper border in the bathroom. That is another thing I won't do anymore. Put up wallpaper or border. What a pain to take down. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. By the way. That rain storm brought us 2 1/2 inches of rain in less than an hour and then it was over.
Yep, that is Florida for ya.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

So pretty!! Now I know where Kirsten gets her love of the clouds! She takes lots of pictures of them too! Those really are beautiful.

Karen said...

Love the one of the sun streaming through the clouds. I can't count how many photos I have on my computer of the sky!

I'm with you totally on wallpaper. As we were stripping borders a few weeks ago, Casey asked "why on earth did you put this up??". When I told her that our kitchen walls used to be covered in wallpaper and that dad and I had stripped it all off, she was astounded-haha! Gone are the wallpaper days!

Alice said...

that next to last shot - the sun streaming from behind the clouds - is gorgeous! i missed all this, we went to orlando and it rained the whole time we were there :(

Made By Mercy, Saved By Grace said...

Love all of these. I have been noticing those pretty clouds too and am glad to see these photos here. Nice job on them.