Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Love Disney!

This past week-end Stephanie, Tanek and I went to Disney for our annual birthday trip. We love Disney and we love spending time together. Several years ago Stephanie and I started having some "mother-daughter" time and have taken several trips. Now we have "mother-daughter-son-grandson" time and it is so much fun. We stayed at Port Orleans/French Quarters. We have not stayed there before and Tanek wanted to stay there because he saw the big dragon slide in the pool and thought it would be fun....and it was A LOT of fun. I love water slides and this was a nice long one and we had a great time on it. I also loved the decor of the resort. All Disney resorts are very nice. We have tried to stay at as many different ones as we can (afford) to. We love staying at the resorts as much as we love going into Disney. During the summer we choose ones that have a good pool with fun things in the pool to do. We do Disney on a very relaxed schedule. Having season passes we don't ever feel like we have to do it all in one visit. We usually take in a park for half the day then spend time at the resort, swim, eat, take a nap and then go back to one of the parks in the evening. Even when we have a "rained out" night that is ok. We just relax in the room and start out again the next day. Disney can be very stressful or you can make it relaxing. We choose to make it relaxing and it is so much fun.

This fountain was in the lobby of the hotel. They had a doorman standing at the door giving out coins to throw into the fountain.
The Landscaping is beautiful as all of Disney has beautiful landscape and it is one of my favorite parts of the trip just looking at all the beautiful flowers and plants and how they design it.

This is the back of the building heading towards the pool and rooms.

The pool

A toddler pool

The slide. Loved the slide

The streets leading to the rooms on each side.

Stephanie, Tanek and a little friend

This is just the highlight of our Disney trip. You can see why it is so easy to relax and have fun.
I love Disney and we love going into the parks. Staying at a resort gives you extra hours that you get over the general public and it really helps lighten the crowd. This week-end the crowds were light anyway and we never had to wait in long lines. We just had a nice time. Tanek is so easy to take to Disney because he likes doing whatever. (well there were a few rides he didn't particularly enjoy) but he did go on them once. We got to go on a lot of different rides this time because he finally made the height to go on them. We went on Thunder Mountain, which I love, Splash Mountain, which totally got us soaking wet, Soaring at Epcot which was so cool and a few others that were a first time for him. Tomorrow I will post some of the pictures of what we did. I just wanted to share the resort this time.

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Karen said...

You guys certainly know how to do Disney right. Passes make it so much more relaxing, and I think it's cool that you stay in different resorts and get a new experience each time. I don't think anyone does landscaping like Disney and I enjoyed the pictures of it. It's the thing that I love most in those parks!