Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miscellaneous Pictures of what else.....Disney!

These pictures are in no particular order. This was a giraffe at the Rain forest Cafe. We had lunch there on Sunday in Downtown Disney. We had started to DT Disney on Saturday and ended up in a rain storm on a boat. Needless to say by the time we got off the boat (they made everyone get off and catch the bus in the storm) and got on the bus we no longer wanted to go to DT Disney. So we just went and got some dinner and brought it back to our room where we stayed the rest of the evening. So this was on Sunday and the weather was perfect. I love the Rain forest Cafe. All the animals look so real.

Waiting for our lunch
Tanek wanted "Daddy Pluto" this time. After a busy morning we came back to the hotel for a rest. He wanted to play with his new Lego's and finally ended up falling asleep. We wanted him to take a nap since we had a late night planned for that night.

He and Pluto had a great nap. So did Mommy and Nana.

Whenever he has on socks he will always, always take one off and leave one on. I just thought these were very cute feet.

One of my favorite spots at Epcot is this big golf ball (or earth). I take a picture of it every time. I just think it looks awesome.

Tanek decided to go see Mickey and Pluto. He passed up Minnie, Donald, Daisey and Goofy. I told him I wish he had gone to see Donald Duck because he is my favorite. He said next time he would go see him and I could come with him.

He loves Pluto. He always wants to see Pluto.

I love the landscape at Epcot.

This was a look at the future. There was music on each square and when you stepped on it it played an instrument

Tanek and Nemo's daddy

The "Disney Bus" is still one of Tanek's fave rides

And we always capture his ride back home. He always falls asleep on the way home from Disney after 3 busy days.


Made By Mercy, Saved By Grace said...

I always love every Disney picture you post. I think you have inspired me to disappear there pretty soon--as soon as I can find one free day that is. haha

Love the one of him with the one sock on and one off. Reminds me of my sweet boys and sometimes me to be honest. :)

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Oh my goodness I love the one sock picture! I knew he had a thing for socks, but I didn't know he had a thing for ONE sock!! Sweet little piggie toes!

Karen said...

Adorable sleepy time pics - those are always so sweet. And it's so cute that he still loves the bus - he probably always will.