Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Doris

Last night we celebrated Doris birthday with dinner and our normal game of Phase 10. Tina won this time. 9 out of 10 times the women win. Every now and then one of the men win, but it is rare. We had a great time eating, talking, and just having fun.

Doris opened her gifts and got some very nice things. We have been celebrating our birthdays for a lot of years together. Don, Austin and I have birthdays in August. Doris has hers in Sept. Tina's is in April and Gary's in November. That plus Christmas is almost the only time we have to all get together. Everyone stays so busy, so we are really glad for birthday's and Christmas and any other time we can squeeze in a night together.

We do like to get gifts and it is always fun to see what everyone gets.
Doris got a Stable and tractor to go with her Christmas village. Every Christmas she has quite a display with her Christmas village and it is very neat. Very nice that Kohl's already have their Christmas decorations out.

She got a book, a shirt, a candle, & some candy. She made quite a haul. (Don patiently waiting probably for dessert)

A book on where to find any subject in the Bible.

Doris love plaid.

This candle was so yummy. It smelled and looked good enough to eat.

Tina makes some of the best desserts. We always enjoy the many different desserts she makes. All from scratch. Last night she made a pistachio cake and was it ever yummy. Well, I guess this might do it until Gary's birthday. We might need a few more birthday's to celebrate.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

All six of you look just like you did 20 years ago!! :)