Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

Tomorrow September 4, is my sister's birthday. I wanted to post some pictures of her with some of the people she is closest too. She lives in Vancouver Washington and we don't get to spend much time together, but the times we have had in the past years have been very special.
This picture was taken on Thanksgiving 2008. We are planning on having Thanksgiving together again and I can't wait.
Lori (her daughter, Rena, Me and my daughter Stephanie

Rena, Lori, Tanek, Stephanie and me

A few years ago when Tanek was one, Stephanie and I took a trip to see them before her husband Gerald passed away. He had been having health problems for years and it was just a God thing that we got to take this trip and spend time with them. They had decided that they were too old to just be Aunt and Uncle to Tanek, but that he had grand-parents so they took on the names of Aunt Grandma and Uncle Grandpa. It was so sweet. Tanek learned to walk while he was at their house and he had a special bonding time with his Uncle Grandpa and Aunt Grandma. This was on that Thanksgiving trip. Aunt Grandma and Tanek looking at his album.

This is my sister with her favorite boys. Her two sons, Bob and Jerry and 3 grandsons, Austin,
Bronson and Remington.

Here she is at Lori's birthday party with Lori, Jerry and Bob

And Rena with her other little grand-son Tanek dancing at the birthday party.
We are so looking forward to having a lot of the family together this Thanksgiving. Hopefully Richard, Heather and grand-daughters will be able to make the trip to spend with all of us. Lori is coming and of course Ricky, Stephanie and Tanek will be here. We are planning a "half" family reunion. Rena and Lori haven't even met Hannah and Emily and Kirsten was only a few months old the last time they saw her so we are hoping to change all that this year. Happy Birthday Rena. You have been a great sister and we look forward to you coming to see us again.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

We sure hope to be able to make it this year! Happy Birthday Rena!