Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally a successful haircut

Today Tanek got his hair cut and there were NO tears, no fighting, just sitting there like a big boy and getting his hair cut. I guess he finally realizes that it doesn't hurt him. In the past trying to get his hair cut was a big job and not much fun. I have cut it many times because they would not cut it because he would not be still. I am not a beautician and don't know how to give a good hair cut, but cut it just so it would be cut. Today we passed a milestone and now (hopefully) getting a haircut will just be routeen.

He just sat there and it didn't take maybe 10 minutes and he was done.

He has a LOT of hair and he likes to wear it a little long so that when he shakes his head his hair will fly. (Like Chandler and Garrett). He got that idea from watching them shake the water out of their hair when they were swimming. His hair is so heavy when wet it still will not move when it is wet, but when it is dry he can make it fly.

See....Nothing to it!
All Done!

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Hooray for milestones!! That will be a lot easier now - cutie boy!