Monday, September 6, 2010

Library & Playground Day

On Wednesday Papa and I took Tanek to the Library for story time at the Keystone Library. We have lived her for 37 years and that was the first time I have ever been in That Library. I have gone to the one in Starke and Gainesville but never this one. It is a small Library but nice enough. Tanek enjoyed the story time and even saw Hannah and Nathan from church there. We got a Library card and checked out some books. Afterwards we went to the little playground behind the Library for him to play awhile.
He went down the slide many many times.

He loved playing like he and Papa were going somewhere on this old truck. The steering wheel on this thing made the worse noise and I was ready to leave the park if he kept driving it.

Someone may need to put a little WD40 on the steering wheel.

I am not sure what I was trying to take a picture of here, but I think the clouds are very pretty.
I was using my phone camera so there is no telling what I was doing with it.

They have story time twice a month, so it may be something he will get to enjoy often.

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