Monday, September 13, 2010

Papa's Fall Garden

My hubs is quite the gardener. He works very hard out there and produces a good garden. We will have SO many fresh peas.....if the deer don't find them. They are already sprouting and in just a few weeks he will be picking, shelling and putting them up. He does All that. I do cook them and help eat them and take pictures of them, but for the most part it is his garden and he gets to do all the work. I tried growing a couple tomatoe and pepper plants in pots this fall and they are not doing anything. I guess it is best to leave the gardening to him, which I am happy to do.

Now that is a nice looking garden, and the gardener isn't bad either. Has his garden hat on. His old Bama hat. He has a new one for when he gets dressed up:)

Whatcha think papa? Are they looking good?

Yep, they are looking very good!


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

WOW!! The garden is looking great!!

Karen said...

Your garden always amazes me. And I'm glad that he has a newer hat for when he gets "dressed up"!! My tomatos didn't do well this year, maybe because we moved their location. It was sunnier so I thought it would help, but nope. Nothing did well, except cucumbers.