Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

I have been watching this moon all week. It is SO beautiful. Tonight when I was cleaning the kitchen it was shinning through the window. I had to try to catch it with my little camera. Had I had one of the more powerful camera's (that I wouldn't know how to use) I might have got a better picture. Of course since I wouldn't know how to use a high powered camera I might not have. Anyway, I snapped a few pictures and I think they are ok. This moon is so bright that it showed up even with the small camera.

It is so awesome and makes you realize just how awesome our God is. How anyone can think any of this happens by chance is just crazy. Our God is so awesome and just in creation alone it proves that.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

These turned out pretty great! I have not had much success trying to capture the moon. Well I guess most people who try to "capture" the moon probably fail miserably also. :)

Karen said...

The moon has been gorgeous lately! And I know what you mean - I can never get great pics of it either. In our Sunday paper, there's a column about astronomy and he does a great job of teaching the normal person about what's in the sky at this time of year. We've learned a lot from it. Last Sunday, he was talking about the harvest moon and how when it first rises and looks so huge, that it's an optical illusion because we're seeing it compared to buildings, trees, etc. He said to take a pencil with an eraser on top and hold it out arm's length and look at the moon. Then when it gets higher and looks smaller, do the same thing, and they will both appear to be the same size. Haven't tried it yet, but thought it was very interesting!