Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Pictures

I take so many pictures of Tanek that he is surprised when I am not taking pictures. Today he was drawing a picture on his magnetic board and he said "Nana take my picture when I am drawing." Of course it didn't take me long to get the camera.

We had been playing with his toys, and we watched the movie "Santa Buddies". It is fun to watch Christmas movies in July. Well it was June 30th, but it was raining and cool in the house kinda put us in the mood. He loves Christmas as much as I do. Then he wanted to do some drawing. He has such a good imagination and I love hearing the stories he tells about the pictures he is drawing.

We were in the process of cleaning up his room while we watched the movie. Maybe I was cleaning the room and he was playing while we watched the movie. Anyway, we got it cleaned and enjoyed the movie too and then it was drawing time. Actually he is very good about picking up his toys and putting things away.

It was a good day. What will we do tomorrow.?