Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nana's big helper!

Monday Stephanie and I painted the bedroom that she is making into Tanek's school room. It turned out really nice. Tanek was very excited and wanted to help paint. He loves to help and his favorite thing is to "do it all by myself". After we finished painting we went and got pizza's for dinner and then I had to water my plants out front since we hadn't had any rain. Tanek was very happy to help me.

He really does like to help do just about anything we are doing. But it really makes him the happiest when he can do it himself.
Trying to show him how to hold it so it will keep spraying.

He is getting the hang of it now.

And now he can do it "all by myself"

There just isn't anything sweeter than a grand-child. They are just so eager to be helpful and be a part of your life. I just love this little guy.

Almost always a happy guy and always ready to help out. How very blessed we are with grand-children. It really is our reward for growing older. In just a couple more days I will have my grand-daughters visiting for a few days. Life is good. Grand-children are Wonderful. Thank you God that you created grand-children. They make life so sweet.

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Alice said...

he looks a lot like emily here! so sweet :)