Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miscellaneous Pictures

These are some pictures I had on my phone that I took while the family was here. Tanek had a cap gun someone had given him plus his beach hat on. He really isn't into being a cowboy or playing with guns but he liked this gun, and he loves to wear many different hats. His favorite hat being a hard hat as he is always the builder.

Austin and Tanek waiting to get in to Sonny's their first day here.

My sweet grand-daughter Hannah at Sonny's

Austin and Tanek, they are great buddies. He loves for Austin to visit.

Karen, Hannah and Heather. Nice pose Heather :)

Kirsten and Casey with Cary and Chris in the background

Kirsten and her Uncle Chris

The same day that Emily got her ears pierced we took her to the Dr.for swimmers ear. Her ear was really hurting. She was such a big girl at the doctors and just sat there so sweetly waiting to be checked out. She did have swimmers ear and it was quite painful.

Such a sweet little girl. My youngest grand-daughter. A very brave little girl.

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