Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saying good bye to Mr. BunBun

I found this little rabbit when he was just a little baby while working in the yard. We have kept him for about 4 or 5 months and he is now full grown. Although he had it pretty easy living on our back porch and seem to enjoy it, we thought it was time for him to go back out into the world where the other bunnies live. I was afraid that even though he wasn't tame, he certainly wasn't afraid of anything. Our dogs didn't even give him a challenge. That all changed this week-end when Richard and Heather's dogs, Bailey and Brody got a chance to see him (and almost eat him). I thnk that he now realizes that the world isn't exactly all nice. So, Saturday afternoon we had a little releasing ceremony. We got him in the cage and carried him out to our back field where there is a big brush pile. He seemed actually happy to get back in the grass. Tanek had the honor of opening the cage and letting him go.

He is like, wow grass. He immediately started nibbling on it.
He even allowed us to pet him (something we couldn't do while he was on the porch) and we all told him good bye. Emily is looking at him here.

He keeps going deeper into the grass.
And now he is almost completely hidden in the grass. So Mr. BunBun has gone where Brrr Rabbit went and I hope he loves it as much. I miss seeing him on the back porch every day, but he is a wild rabbit and probably does need to be out and free.

Carrying the empty cage back. Who knows, another baby bunny may need to be rescued again one day and we will need the cage to one day release him too. Have a good life Mr. BunBun. We enjoyed watching you grow up.

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