Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is summertime in Sunny Florida. Even though I don't prefer it THIS hot, I will gladly take this over the freezing winter we had. I can get cool in the a/c or pool. This was taken after 7 PM tonight. It seems that it actually gets hottest between 4& 6 PM. Is it any wonder our pool water is a balmy 93 degrees. Just the way I like it. There are so many things I like about summer versus winter that I am not going to complain....at least not yet for the hot weather. However, we still have our 2 hottest months coming up. I am sure by the time I get to September and I am trying to start on Christmas I will wish it was cooler. Christmas??? Yep, it is coming soon. I have already been scoping the yard to see what I want to do different as far as decorating this year. I love getting lights up for Christmas. Well not the actual job of getting them up, but I love the results. I have been trying to keep up the weeding in the yard so that I don't have to do all that first. A little every week keeps it doing pretty well. Sometimes it is a lot every week. Weeds don't have any trouble growing in any conditions. Cold, hot, dry or wet they thrive. Pesky little pests. If you live where it isn't too hot or if it is real hot, it probably isn't this hot unless you are in Arizona or somewhere like that. Just relax and enjoy if you can. Before long we will be cold and wishing it was hot....at least I will. I LOVE summer.

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Karen said...

Wowza. And I thought it was hot here today - 95! Stay cool in the pool :)