Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silver Glen Springs

On Thursday we all went to Silver Glen Springs in the Ocala National Forest. It is beautiful there. The water is crystal clear and Freezing cold, but so pretty. You can actually look down and see the water coming out of the spring and it is full of some very big fish. We took a picnic lunch and it was a very fun day.

You pretty much have to just get in, get numb and then it is ok. It is worth it to see the spring and the fish.
Stephanie, Tanek and I had a little more trouble getting used to the cold water than our Maryland family did. They are used to cold water, we Floridians are not, but we braved it and went in.

Sweet Hannah was enjoying snorkeling.

Tanek and Stephanie thought it was pretty cold, but he enjoyed collecting the shells

Heather, the snorkel queen

We had our picnic lunch out on the grass and it was so nice. It really is a pretty park and a nice place to spend a day.

The beautiful clear blue water, reminds me of the Bahamas

Collecting shells and catching little minnows

Hannah & Tanek
Kirsten & Hannah

Papa enjoying the day

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Alice said...

this looks like a lot of fun!