Friday, July 9, 2010

Emily gets her ears pierced!

Our sweet youngest grand-daughter has wanted to get her ears pierced. So her mom and dad took her to the mall and she got her ears pierced. She was such a big girls. She never shed a tear. She was so excited to have little diamonds put in her ears. She also had swimmers ear and had been to the Dr. that very day about that.
Lots of preparation for the big moment
She had her little dog with her for support. Sam, (her stuffed dog) also got his ears pierced after Emily did.

All smiles while waiting

Maybe getting a little nervous about it???

The girl at Claire's was getting everything ready for the big moment

In an instant both ears are done

Putting the backs on the earrings

So proud and happy to have it done. What a brave girl.

And a lollipop is her some new earrings.

Emily and Tanek walking in the mall after is was over