Monday, July 5, 2010

More 4th of July Fun!

Swimming in the pool by the grand-kids was a lot of the fun for the 4th. Even though the weather wasn't perfect at least it wasn't thundering and lightning and so they swam even in the rain. We did have a few hours of no rain for them to swim. Emily learned how to swim this year and she really enjoyed swimming and jumping off the edge.

There she goes

Hannah is a real fish in the water. She loves it and it doesn't matter to her if the water is cold by our Florida standards.

Emily also likes to be thrown up in the air. Papa was happy to oblige

Tanek and Hannah loved trying to get the best of Rick. Usually he got the best of them

You can see bodies under the water. That would be Kirsten & Casey (I think)

Noodles make good weapons

Hannah loved using her Uncle Rick for a diving board.

Hannah, Rich and Tanek all jumping in together. You can see the sky was promising rain and it did deliver.

Hannah and her daddy

Hannah being thrown by her dad

Emily and her daddy

Tanek and Emily

Jumping in is half the fun

So much fun

We will do it together. The two youngest cousins

These video's below will show a little of the fun in motion. I was happy to sit out and take the pictures because after all the rain the water was a little cooler than I like and it wasn't all that hot outside. But kids don't care and they had a great time. It was a great 4th of July week-end and lots of fun shared with family and friends.

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Alice said...

wow! you really caught the bad sky in these pictures - lol! i can't believe all the rain we've been getting - glad to see it isn't slowing you guys down any :)