Sunday, May 30, 2010

This & That!

This afternoon Gary went out and tried to tie up our tomato plants. They have got so big they are laying on the ground. We have lots of tomatoes on them, but most are still green. The plants are very big and full of tomatoes.
Tanek is helping his papa
In the background you can see the peas. Yesterday Gary picked a 5 gallon bucket of them and we ate some today. They are very good. The peas are doing well. We really could use some rain to help everything grow better. Last year at this time, the garden was flooded out by so much rain and this year we can't seem to get any.

This is our Mr. Bun Bun. He is just relaxing in his pot. You can walk right up to him and he just looks at you. If you try to catch him he will run. He will sit in this pot all day long. He certainly has got used to his living quarters and is taking life very easy. At night he runs all over and would come in the house if we would let him. But during the day he usually just lays around.
I really would like to hold him, but so far he isn't for that at all. He is getting tamer though and maybe one day will let us hold him.


Alice said...

well - your mr. bunbun is certainly cute!

Karen said...

Mr. Bun Bun in his bowl bowl! That is hilarious! Your garden is amazing. You could probably put out a farmers market stand on the road with all that stuff you're going to harvest!